Thursday, April 8, 2010

short and sweet (thats what she said??)

the following pics were taken during my last trip to london. even the last one. there was this village of funny looking people...

saw this sign while walking around a park. i guess the gods toss lightning bolts in london.

well if you do, that show 'to catch a predator' will be at your door.

have no idea idea how this is even possible.

i imagine that ride across the atlantic was a bitch!

effing hilarious!!


Terry said...

Funny! Sometimes the things you notice...yeah...makes you wonder, doesn't it??
I just left you some Honest Scrap over on my blog...feel free to pick it up any time!!

Linda Medrano said...

Love it Sammy! When I'm in London, I always think I could be in Cleveland, OH. Why is that?

Choleesa said...

Your killing me Sammy

middle child said...

Oh great! Now I'm going to sit here trying to figure out how that vehicle got in that fenced area.

Small Town Girl said...

You're so random that you won an're probably too randmom to win awards...but you did...come over to my blog and claim it, Mr. Random.

On a side note, do you listen to Kidd Kraddick? You are so Random Man.

Glamazon said...

So funny! I think my favorite was the watch children :)

Brittney said...

wow how in the hell did that car get in there! Another great post.. applauds!

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