Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i feel shafted by the bluebonnet

wow so im finally back to posting. i did try and post more while on the road, but i only had internet access for a little while plus all the visiting around and parenting prevented me from even seeing my computer. i didnt even get to visit as much as i wanted to due to all the time constraints. so thats the reason im giving for not checking in on all the blogs i follow. anyway, im back from the beautiful state of texas safe and sound. texas is easily the baller-est state on earth. whether we're talking the people, food, things to do, etc, texas is simply baller...well other than us getting shafted by the bluebonnet. our state flower. i dont know exactly what all the other states have but texas is so damn awesome that one would think we should have got something better. who the hell makes that decision anyway and why? i mean i would much rather a state animal. our animal would be a mix of something gangsta like a black panther/pitbull hybrid. i mean a bluebonnet? if anything we should have got some something baller like a tiger lilly or hell just let me make something up like a 'valor bloom'. we wouldnt even have to actually have one. we could just use a computer generated one to show people. anyway im rambling....

excuse that tangent but like i was saying, we're back from our vacation and texas was great. we flew into san antonio and stayed with my brother and his family for a few days then drove up to dallas and stayed through sunday. we went with a bunch of stuff in mind to get done while in san antonio and dallas and did just that....most of it anyway. a few of things we had on our list of must do's were:

go and visit my brother his wife and newborn nephew and my folks...check

eat at my favorite chinese restaurant of all time in san antonio...check

visit old friends...check

san antonio was fun and my family had yet to meet the lil one so that was good for all the cousins to meet up and hang. pics to come when i get around to it which will more than likely be about two months from now because ive been slacking on all things having to do with my camera so i imagine posting pics will also take forever. later

the drive up to dallas wasnt too bad. its about 5 hours and we had originally planned on leaving around noon. long story short, we left a little after noon. 7pm to be exact. good times. we checked into our extended stay hotel around midnite and had to carry the kids and luggage into the room because they were understandably knocked out. our stay in dallas also had a list of things to cross off:

go to our favorite frozen custard spot at least eleventy times...check

get tatted...check

visit old friends and drink margaritas, while watching the spurs hand the mavericks a thorough ass kicking...check

meet new friend to me but old friend of my wife, karen. she follows my blog via facebook so it was good to actually meet her(what up girl!)...check

take the kids swimming while at the hotel...repeatedly...check

family reunion complete with a crawfish boil, PECAN friggin PIE, and mother-in-law meatballs...check

check on our house and go through things we forgot (namely star wars dvds!)...check

lock the door to our room while the wife and i were about to 'have relations'...shit...shit...and SHIT!

--poster note. if you get offended easily, please stop reading.........now. and while your at it, you may want to stop reading my blizzle (blog) all together.....--thank you, management

thats not a joke by the way. we had to have 'the talk' with her because of...well you get it (thats what she said). if you've never had your child walk in on you, DONT! it makes for a very awkward, yet quasi hilarious, conversation with your 10 year old daughter. what made it even more terrible was the fact that we werent under the covers. at all. we're optimists so we were able to find a couple positives out of the situation: 1.) at least it wasnt my son that walked in. if you've met my son, you know exactly what im talking about. if you havent, well just trust me, we are definitely looking at a 'half full cup.' 2.) although forced, we were able to have 'the talk' with her. even though she was NOT interested at all. i mean who could blame her? i wouldnt want to know how hot dogs are made while at the hot dog factory ya dig. (im sure theres a 'thats what she said joke in that line somewhere or maybe i just made it) 3.) if she would have walked in 10 minutes earlier i would have had to explain the handcuffs, the sombrero, why her mom was calling her daddy 'daddy' and lets not forget about the beads.

all in all, it was great time away. the reunion was held at rustic creek ranch which is a park kinda thingy with tons of cabins. all 5 of us were in one but it wasnt too crowded because the kids slept in their grandparents cabin. the absolute highlight of the trip (for me anyway) happened as we got to our cabin. we had just got to our room and, as i mentioned before, we picked up my star wars dvds from my house. when we got there, my son noticed the tv had a built in dvd player and asked if i would watch them with him. this is what i texted my brother and brother-in-law who are also a star wars dorks...ahem...the day lil sammy goes off to college, i'll be moderately proud. when he gets married and has kids of his own, i'll be somewhat happy. the day he first told me he loved me, i was slightly joyful...he just asked to watch star wars with me and i teared up.

i still need to get caught up on TONS of posts though. plus my photo blizzle (blog) has been pretty anemic lately. im part of a community where its constituents post photos from their respective areas called 'the urbanity'. it was started by lora and if you want to do what all the cool kids are doing you should too. also this last friday marked the first time i didnt participate in the friday confessional since i started contributing (i think). its hosted by the glamazon and if you havent done one, you should, or just continue not having your friday brightened.

thats pretty much my week. a nightmare and an awesome time. its all good though because you gotta have rain AND sunshine for a rainbow right.


Sheliza said...

Seriously, I gotta take some deep breaths after reading all that! Lame ass state flower for real. The 10 year old and the beads.... I am killing myself here with laughter!! I love all your craziness and I am glad you had a great time despite the hustling around. Welcome back!

Lora said...

I have a few friend in texas and they love to brag on the bluebonnets and I think they are soooo ~*yawn*~.

tiger lilies are my absolute fave. i even have a couple tattooed on myself! Speaking of, I hope your guyses turned out good. Did you both get done?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Too funny about getting caught in the act...We've *almost* been caught, but not quite! LOL.

WV has a state animal: the Black Bear. State bird: Cardinal. State bee (yes, for reals): the Honey Bee. State flower: Rhododendron. The state flower even has it's own festival! LOL.

Riley Kai said...

Glad your back!

On a side note, Rex has been on a rant about the BB's too! He keeps asking if weeds even qualify as a flower! Ha!

Karen said...

Hey son! I'm so excited I made a list that wasn't a shit list :/ HaHa I was also touched by lil Sammy's request to watch Star Wars with you and have no doubt there were tears in your eyes! Rainbows :)

diana bradford said...

you are so, so wrong. i think that is why i like you. ; )

bananas. said...

texas baller huh? hmmm never knew.

if you do anything in the next few days, please PLEASE upload pics of your tats. i love tattoos and the fact that both you and your wife have them make me like you even better.

glad you're back...now stop porking and start reading! blogs that is. haha. i'm totally kidding. just had to reference the fact that your kid walked in on ya'll do the nasty.

Allyson & Jere said...

Well, I'm glad you're back, 'cause now I can start reading ya. Ummm, total bummer about being walked in on. I had the misfortune of walking in on my parents not once, but TWICE in my childhood. Good thing 1) they were covered and 2) I was so freaking naiive, I ddin't truly understand what was happening. And really? Beads? Are you joking about that?
Sounds like you had a great time on the vacay. So glad, wish I could go on vacay.

And finally...my husband will NOT under any circumstances go #2 in public either. He left Disneyland because he had to go. I guess I'm just not bothered by such things.

Happy reading. Guess your family might see you again sometime next month.

Anonymous said...

Our state flower is the violet, which I like. You don't even have to grow them, they are everywhere! And I did a recent post concerning "getting caught" called Awkward Moments in Parenting. Love your blog!

Linda Medrano said...

I've missed you Sammy! I feel the sun breaking through now that you are back! Lock those damned bedroom doors. Handcuffs beads and sombreros? Is that all?

Star Wars with the boy is the best!

It sounds like a rowdy fun vacation! The best kind!

Small Town Girl said...

I've been MIA from blogland lately too. Also, the bluebonnet is also called the wolf flower. Might not be panther flower or whatever you said, but wolves are pretty badass! No, I admit, I didn't know that until about 10 seconds ago. I was searching for something badass about the bluebonnet to show you how badass it really is. I'm gonna say badass one more time just so you understand what I mean...badass right? Wow. I think your randomness is contagious!

Anonymous said...

i haven't been to texas in nearly 10 years--and that was for a funeral so, not the best time. i hear it has some fun cities though.

and, your poor daughter. really. trauma.

Glamazon said...

You know, I would think walking in on your parents full-on doing it and then having to sit through 'the talk' would be the best birth control for youth across America. In fact, instead of teaching abstinence in schools or handing out condoms, all they need to do is walk in on their parents. Hahahaha, best story ever.

Nope, never been caught. Yet. Thank goodness.

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