Friday, April 9, 2010

groupie love

well apparently my flighty and flippant posts have landed me some fine hardware. twice! my blackberry first notified me of the award when i received word while eating and running errands with the fam in tow, that terry had bestowed the honor upon me. ive only been following her for a short time, but she is simply silly and truthful as can be. you'll pick up on both within 2 seconds of clicking on her page. i got wind of the second award later in the evening, as small town girl also passed my the honor. more on her later. so after high fiving our waitress at pf changs, i immediately began to anticipate how i would go about posting my gratitude for the honor. the obvious choice was to of course write out an acceptance speech. so please picture me perched at a podium, after megan fox and darth vader read that ive in fact won the award, tearfully expressing these words:

(i first give miss fox a hug and slip her my number) i dont know where to start. i remember it like it was 19 years ago. i was the tender age of 14, and i dreamed of two things: meeting darth vader and winning this award. yeah thats right, before blogging or even this award was an actual thing, i wanted to win it. and now after tons of sleep deprived posts and the right combination of vino and randomness, im proud to stand here in front of you all, with this award in hand. whats not to love about it? a severed arm gripping a pick ax will look awesome on my page. there's so many people to thank. i'd like to thank God for entrusting me with a brain and outlook on life that rivals my son. he's 7. (wait for the crowd to calm down from the hysterical laughter at my cheesy and predictable joke). i'd also like to thank my wife for believing in me and pushing me to write by always telling me how weird i am. i'd also like

--im suddenly interrupted by a drunk and annoying kanye west--


me- hey man im just doing my thing. could you please remove yourself from this stage and let me enjoy this? besides, 'you two'? 'stages'? theres only one person getting an award here and theres only one stage you ass.


me- really kanye? you just repeated the same thing you just said?

kanye- WHAT?

me- you just repeated yourself and your talking in all caps and its really getting aggravating.


me- ass....

anyway, receiving this award, my very first award mind you, is humbling and sweet. you can imagine the hyperness, and yes i mean 'hyperness' because im like bouncing off walls and what not, i felt when i received an email notifying me of the award again! yup twice in one day (thats what she said). small town girl was gracious enough to present me with the award thus completing one of the top 5 best days in my life. anyway, the award comes along with a few rules. these rules are:

1. Brag about the award.
2. Include the name of the blogger who gave you the award and link back to that blogger.
3. Choose a selection of blogs that you find brilliant in honest content.
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award.
5. List at least 10 honest things about yourself

1. sounds easy enough. i think ive more than arrogantly bragged about this whole thing.

2. ive also listed the ladies who so generously made my day.

3 & 4. so on to the 5 folks i will pass the awesomeness to with their links:

- miss lora over at 'fever' is a ridiculous ridiculous writer and by calling her writing ridiculous, i of course mean it doesnt suck. she has an uncanny knack for mixing wit and everything social with a realness that is hard to find. when she writes her first book and has an autograph signing at borders bookstore, im glad i wont have to stand in line with her sea of fans because she will have already mailed me my copy....right? also, she is involved in a great community project and all you have to do is click a button from her page. so you if you like helping people in need, please for heavens sake, just click the button.

- wymberley at 'texas britches' is a fellow texan. although this fact alone is worthy enough, i'll go on. ive been reading her page for a relatively short time and honestly dont remember how i stumbled upon her, but im glad i did. actually scratch that, i do remember how i found her page. i remember seeing her icon on someone's page and clicking on it solely because it was of mr. t. when i went to her page, not only did she have pictures of mr t, she also had some hilarious content. she is also a good ass photographer and her name is wymberley. i just like saying it because it sounds cool and i had never heard the name.

- next we have stella at 'tales of a supernova'. one day i told my wife that every time i go to her page, i feel refreshed. like im in a dream or some vision or something. and this is all BEFORE even reading her posts! i dont know if its the color scheme she uses or just her aura emanating through my keyboard. ive never met her but she has a sweet spirit that is evidenced in her posts. you well definitely find her posts intriguing and her take on 'spiritual matters' is always fresh and honest.

- then theres another fellow texan and crazy girl over at 'small town girl'. if you arent aware yet, she is the sole reason for my insane desire to be a sleep walker or at least fake like i am. and please believe im not kidding. she recently posted that she was in fact a sleepwalker and told a funny story about an incident she had. i then jokingly/seriously posted that i wished to be one as well, or fake that i am, and i literally could not stop thinking about this fact, days after she posted. she is a riot and you need to mosey on over and see for yourself.

- last but not least, we have choleesa at 'choleesas world'. i started following some time ago and when you go to her page you'll immediately see why. she is funny and the epitome of honesty. whether she's bagging on co-workers, EVEN THOUGH SOME OF CO-WORKERS KNOW SHE BLOGS ABOUT THEM, or telling a funny story she's experienced, or posting pictures, she will keep you coming back for more (thats what she said). i think her profile says it all. she says, 'i have a potty mouth and great legs.'...what else could you want in a woman?

and lastly, i must also put down ten honest things about myself. im going to feel really....'clean' after this because im also about to my friday confessional. so on with the purging:

1.if God came to me tomorrow and said that i had to choose between driving a minivan and holding a snake for 10 minutes, i would literally just drop dead on the spot.

2. i honestly look back at some of random things ive written here on my page and wonder, 'dude...are you serious right now?'

3. okay, ive said it before, but ive got to say it again, i really want to know what its like to be a sleep walker. aside from being able to do crazy stuff AND get away with it, do you know how much extra i could get done? i mean i could do housework AND sleep AND possibly not even remember doing it. the possibilities are endless.

4. i probably own more clothes and shoes than my wife. not only that, depending on the shirt, i'll sometimes buy the same shirt twice because i like it so much. and i dont mean when the first is unwearable. i mean i'll buy one on tuesday and another that thursday.

5. ive sadly been in jail. twice. and i dont mean to visit other people either.

6. my younger brother and i are actually the same age for 6 days.

7. i got married in college.

8. my family is the most important 'thing' in my life.

9. i hate the beach. mainly because sea creatures scare the hell out of me. so i choose to let them have their space and not to mention i dont really have use for a tan.

10. i really am humbled by this award. once i got the email notifying me of terry's post, i kept thinking aloud about the 10 things i would say and who i would give the award to. it was on my mind the entire night....dorky i know

so there you have it. i think/hope i covered it all. kanye has left the building and im about to follow suit. thank you again terry for thinking of lil ol' me. i would have posted last night but i got too tired after we got done with all our running around. not to mention the fact that my wife was 'all over me' (think horizontal mambo) after receiving the news of me winning the award. i think she's my groupie ; )


Terry said...

You are so very welcome! And I love this are so fun to read...seriously. One thing though...I didn't even notice the award had a severed arm on it...creepy!!
And I bet your wife was already your groupie!! And always will be!

Lora said...

thank you so much! it's always fun to visit your page, and even more fun when I've won something!

Linda Medrano said...

Sammy, you have groupies. You know you do. Probably more that that dumb ass Kanye West.

I love your 10 truths! The honest is more fun than the made up. I think Alex matches you on more than you would expect!

Choleesa said...

Thanks for the award!!!! I will be sure to follow all the rules, when I get home tonight. Im in heels, and they freakin want me to drive the forklift today?? Its one of those crazy days. Oh, and by the way.....I LOVE the "thats what she said"

bananas. said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that speech...awesome! but WTF kanye! keep your antics away from us bloggers. (well except me because i actually still like you).

congrats on the awards homie. well deserved. i'm even giving you a round of applause here.

have a killer weekend! don't get in too much trouble.

ps. i laughed at your cheesy predictable joke too :)

Small Town Girl said...

I started laughing at "picture me perched at a podium". I still have the giggles.

I'm so glad you completely dorked out on the awards. And thanks making me dork out by passing it right back to me!

Now....let the randomness continue....

Glamazon said...

Yay and congrats! And you were totally deserving, BTW, no matter what Kanye said. Stupid Kanye.

I'm excited to go and check out these other blogs-I love hearing about great ones :)

Stella said...

I'm honored. I'm touched. I work so hard at my color scheme hoping that someone would notice one day...and they did!!

I will now proceed to go and look at all the other winners and rejoice in their awesomeness!

Brittney said...

you are FANTASTIC! I love the whole Kanye bit HAHA HILARIOUS! oh shit Im talking in all caps! <-- and using way to many exclamation points..

Congrats on your award!

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