Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i was at the grocery store the other day and while i was passing the aisle/area where the bologna, bacon, and other crap 'foods' reside and i couldnt help but wonder...does anyone even eat bologna any more? i personally find it to be absolute filth and the mystery 'meats' slimy texture alone is enough make one vomit. i seriously dry heave just by typing it. bologna? even the name sounds ridiculously foul. bologna?? what the hell is it made of?...anyway, yuck.

also lurking in the area is another rather odd food...hot dogs. now im not either for them nor against them, in regards to attempting to digest one. having said that, i am completely against trying to eat gobs of them at a time. im talking about these hot dog eating contests people always partake in. so when i got home i googled hot dog eating contests and this link is actually from last year but the horridness remains the same.

it just seems to me that with all the starving people in the world, a face stuffing competition wouldnt/couldnt take place. right? i wonder if the one driving the food to the competition passed any homeless people and thought about how insane this is.

i dont know, just sayin...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

tats, mike, and a little clarity

i personally love tattoos. i like them ON me as well as seeing other people's artistic ventures. i got yet another a month or so ago and will be going again in the next few days. my wife actually has waaaaay more than i do and theres also more to come on her. i like it when women can pull off the tats they have. in my opinion, some girls can pull off 'excessive' tats and some simply cannot. i dont know what it is about the girl that she HAS to have to pull it off well but i know it when i see it. my kids will be tatted up by the time they're legally able to do it. they always draw them on themselves and pretend to put em on my wife and i. pretty cool in my opinion. anyway, i was thumbing through one of the 8 quazillion tattoo magazines and i saw a woman with a paris hilton on her foot. yes it pains me to mention it folks, but yes i said paris hilton. not a tat of the hilton hotel in paris where she traded nuptials with her man. nope, it was "that" paris hilton. it actually got me to thinking...

ive been traveling alot and havent had the chance to post on the death of mike, aka, michael jackson. ive seen or heard alot of people talking rather negatively about how most radio stations paying tribute to him by playing his songs pretty much all day. i heard one guy say, 'oh lets honor a child molester'. though i understand where these people are coming from, i still have to object to the negativity.

(soooo...and to now somehow try and make sense of my ramblings and how tats, miss hilton, and mike have a common bond in my brain...)

without a doubt, celebrities or people we idolize (sometimes negatively) play a huge role in our lives. i guess what i had to reconcile mentally was how i could feel such a loss over, not only someone ive never met, but someone with such a...checkered or, at least, questionable past. now i wasnt like in the dumps and depressed all day or anything, but i did feel a sense of loss and was in disbelief. for me, music is so incredibly nostalgic and as a result, the artists somehow become part of my life. i was talking with dawn today and we both were talking about how we could remember where we were when he would have a new video released on tv, or painfully trying to mimic the entire dance sequence of thriller. i distinctly remember my mom damn near driving of the road when i told her that i thought he was saying 'f@ck it' in 'beat it' when he was actually saying 'funky'. there are just so many instances where the nostalgia runs so deep, that i can still, after all these years, remember how i felt at that moment. i can remember the joy and laughter that echoed through my house as my brother and i laughed at each other stumbling over our feet. all because of a simple song or video. after watching all the tributes on tv, i couldnt help thinking, 'wow, i cant believe he's really gone.' when i first heard the news, via text message from a friend, his death hadnt been confirmed yet and i kept thinking, no, hoping, he would pull through and that the media had somehow jumped the gun. unfortunately as we all know, he didnt make it. i for one am saddened regardless of how much he physically morphed into almost a different person and yes even with the allegations laid against him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

truth be told...

...i HAD to post something, anything, so that a sprawled out adam 'cher' lambert wasnt the first thing i see every time i click on my page...(shudder)

anyway, i was out of town for the weekend in the great yet ultra dusty lubbock, texas. lubbock is in good ole west texas and is the location of my alma mater, texas tech baby! i was there for a football camp for kids and it went really well. i left wednesday afternoon and naturally my flight was canceled. while waiting to get reassigned, i had an absolute blast, all by myself, just sitting and laughing, laughing and sitting just 'people watching' in the airport! i am thoroughly convinced that the airport is the best place to go people watch. along those lines, i also think that while there, i become the most random. not to mention ive felt extremely random the past week or so...gotta...start...sleeping...more!

the following is all stuff i actually took time to weigh, ponder, or consider in my brain in between the times i spent chuckling at all the un-coordination on display while people awkwardly made the dash for their gate. i swear im going to bring a video camera and just record those that were obviously out doing math problems or something while God was handing out coordination.


anyway, i give you my brain in blizzle(blog) form...

1. what is it about the airport experience that somehow causes the decibel level of people's voices to apparently raise a few octaves? i mean really, whether boarding or getting off the plane, or just at the airport in general, people seemingly talk plate scraping annoyingly loud! and im sick of it. they're not even relaying anything all that important. i could care less about your flight experience or what you want for dinner that night. all i hear is 'blah blah blah get my bags. blah blah blah cracker barrel. blah blah blah etc

2. speaking of volume, i think the PA system at airports has two settings: church mouse or dragons roar. i almost ended up in grand rapids because i couldnt hear the guy, then just minutes later my eardrum bled because of the inconsistency.

3. whatever happened to neve campbell? she used to be kinda hot but then she disappeared.

4. 'mtv' should change their acronym to 'crstv' which translated means 'crap reality show television'. i remember back in the day when they actually had videos.

5. why is flossing publically considered impolite or rude? actually, WHO was it that decided it was not to be done? its gotta be better than that sound people make when they try to suck the food debris from in between their teeth.

6. when im at the airport alone, i always try to find an area lightly populated to sit down and wait. ESPECIALLY when i have a longer wait bc of cancelled flight. anyway, i found this prime location just a few gates down from where i would be taking off from and decided to camp out there and read my magazine with megan fox(hubba hubba) on the cover. about 15 mins into my search for solace, some loud ass lady, on a damn cell phone, comes and plops down right next to me. mind you there were plenty of seats NOT next to me, but nooooo she wants to get all in my kool-aid. i didnt want to appear snobby or rude so i just sat there for about 15 mins before getting up to 'use the bathroom'. i didnt even have to go but i actually went to the john like i did. i saw that she was still squatting on my land after my fake bathroom trip, so i just roamed and actually found a decent seat at my gate and waited there even though there was more people in the general area. fortunately i didnt have to worry about some lady with terrible seat awareness basically grinding on my leg.

8. toast with butter and grape jelly is highly underrated

7. is it just me, or do none of the jonas brothers actually look like brothers? i guess the 'jonas cousins' didnt have the same ring to it huh.

8. not only are alot of people extra loud at and around airports, the movies seem to also bring out this annoying quality. will someone please explain to me why it is soooo cool to talk loud while entering the theater and while the previews are showing. 'hey everyone, listen to how cool i can be.'...'hey blake, are we going to the bar after the movies?'...damn thats annoying

9. megan fox

10. while standing SECOND in line to get my flight squared away with chipper (sarcastic) lady behind the desk, this guy walks up behind me and this convo actually happened...

him-are you in line?

me-uhh yes i am. (of course this is with that smartass look like 'are we really having this conversation?')

him- oh okay. sorry, i didnt know if you were waiting for the other guy.

me- (befuddled) what other guy?

him- oh nevermind i dont know what im saying

me- oh...okay??

there was only one person behind the counter and it wasnt a guy. he was in a panicky rush and my best guess is that he was either in rush to get to the front of the line so he could hurry and get his flt squared away or he was on crack. he probably wanted to cut in line like an eight year old trying to get to lunch quicker. well panicky crackhead guy i say no way jose! the people behind me had to wait, i had to wait, so guess who else gets to wait? thats right, i dont care how bad you want to get to the front of line. the enchiladas will still be there by the time you arrive.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


so if you've read any of my blog you know that im a pretty big idol fan. you also know that alison was robbed but i digress.

in this issue, glam, not to mention theatrical, rocker adam lambert dishes on his sexuality and thus finally clearing up all the 'doubts' viewers of the show may have had. i for one am glad he finally did the interview and cleared things up. i mean what a shocker! next thing you know joan rivers will do a 5 page spread for people magazine letting us know she has in fact had plastic surgery. or donald trump will do a story revealing that he actually does use , or over use, hair products. or what about the story hugh hefner will undoubtedly do letting us in on the fact that he does employ the services viagra provides (or some other bedroom 'aid'.)

of course this all supposed to read sarcastically as i could care less about his homosexuality. he is still an overly dramatic singer in my opinion and thats whether he likes guys named kris allen or girls named...well kris allen! hehe, in the article he also dishes about his crush on kris allen...yuck

Saturday, June 13, 2009

mall walkers



you cant go to a track or nearby neighborhood? or hell i dont know... the gym?

the mall? really? well lets just try and find the easiest place to 'workout'. i think theres a spa around the corner if you want to do some lunges or maybe jog, i mean, walk in place.

just sayin

Thursday, June 11, 2009


i seriously thought this was a joke when i first heard it.

i dont know how or what would possess someone to actually take the time to even try and see if this would even taste okay. i mean at what point of ones day are they actually even around vodka and bacon at the same time? okay okay well maybe on a cheeseburger or something while at a bar but the question remains, who would ever think to combine the two?? i think there are just somethings that OUGHT NOT be allowed to be mixed in some irrational, obscure contraption and bacon is absolutely on this list!...gross

i find it pretty funny that the bottle has it listed as a 'premium bacon flavored vodka'...riiiiight. i think they should have went with a 'preposterous bacon flavored vodka.' i know the saying 'dont knock it til you try it' but that crap simply cannot be applied to everything!

if i ever find the following on a restaurant menu, i promise i will politely gather my stuff, and head for the nearest exit. what would you do if you found these items on a menu:

salsa flavored milkshake

omlette flavored wine

vanilla ice cream with bell peppers

ham cheesecake

...and of course bacon flavored vodka

i feel sick to my stomach talking about it so i'll stop there.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ghost in the staircase remix

i recently posted one of my favorite pics and thought i'd share the work my wife did to change it up some.

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