Saturday, September 5, 2009

un-reality tv

whew, well its been quite some time since my last post. it wasnt a planned hiatus, but once training camp started my mind became mush and could basically only process football information. so for a good three-six weeks, even the simplest of tasks were forced out of my brain which is why i havent been able to participate in the following: use any deodorant that doesnt spray, eaten pb&j sandwiches (that werent the pre-made sort that is), tied my shoes, eaten hard boiled eggs, used vending machines, shelled a pecan or pistachio, hit a pinata, or used a mechanical pencil.

having said that, to get back blogging again, ive decided to target (un)reality tv shows. just to be clear i hate ALL of them! i mean really, how is this crap so widely watched? its hardly 'real' OR 'reality' as its all scripted nonsense. i really loathe this genre of tv more than: house music, people that reverse into parking spots, the ever annoying '20 wiper', and all the swine flu coverage, or should i say the 'R2D2 virus' or whatever its called...combined!

i guess i should say that american idol is the one exception, but that s more along the lines of being 'real' ya dig. also those dancing shows fit here, but im simply not a fan.

also, how does putting a camera in someone's house make them celebrities? take 'john and kate plus 8', what exactly do they do that makes them famous? wouldnt that mean when people were interviewed by a local news station, they should now have to duck the paparazzi if they end up facing marital troubles? i simply just dont see how these folks are in those trashy smut magazines or on crap shows like 'extra'.

anyhow, even though we've officially started our season, i do plan to post but am not making any guarantees ; )

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