Monday, May 12, 2008

im just sayin'...

this post is simply nonsense i think about...(i know whats the difference from this and about 85% of my entries right)

ahem, to further clarify, its the type of nonsense i think about but didnt want to make them individual posts.

its funny to me to see people's response to a locked bathroom door while traveling on a plane. its funny to see them grip the handle once, twice, even three times, before realizing that someone beat them to it and its not because the door weighs 84lbs and requires and wider base or firmer grip. there are plenty of signs and placards giving you the info you desire...

fun size candy?! what is that? i wonder where this term originated and why. i've never had one and though, 'oh wow look everyone! im eating an eighth of a snickers bar and it is so incredibly fun!'

the word 'herb' is just an ordinary word until its someone's name. it then makes me chuckle whenever i hear it. sounds like a game show host.

lastly, ive already stated my disdain for the word 'blog' and now i think the term 'placard' is in the same boat!

for crying out loud stick to the list already...

so im guessing grocery stores such as kroger, tom thumb (local), and super target foam at the mouth when they see me approaching their stores. 'we can sell this guy anything' they probably mutter as they peep me out from that little mysterious ball/camera attached to the ceiling. even the likes of cvs and walgreens join in this mockery.

but in actuality, the ball watcher people are absolutely right. (hehe, ball watcher people) i simply cannot stick to my list when i go to the grocery store! not sure if the extra things i put in are done so because of great marketing strategies(ie schemes) on their part or if its just simply a lack of constraint on mine. nevertheless, if i go with a list of 15 things i come back with 20 plus. if i go with a list of 5 things i undoubtedly come back with 10 plus. i still manage to get the things needed, but without fail, right after i set the eggs, milk, bread or some other common item into my basket, i also find the not so common. i mean whats a person to do with rootbeer flavored applesauce or macaroni and cheese scented handsoap? my son wont even eat the applesauce and he's crazy! okay okay so i embellished a tad.(not the son being crazy bit though.) in all honesty i do feel a serious compelling to grab crap neither i nor anyone in my house will use. who's house needs more 'toilet toothbrushes' than toilets? i know they added that 'comfort grip' and all for those stubborn stains but come on! how many times in a month could a person possibly eat cole slaw?--tangent people actually eat cole slaw in their homes? im just sayin' because ive only had it at restaurants.--

anyhow, i am determined to go to the store with necessities in mind and leave with those necessities in hand. i'll probably have to start small though. by small i guess i mean going in to get gummi bears and a water and leave the pepperoni pizza combos on the shelf! despite not having combos in like eleventy-eight years, i will let them sit until the next time...and yes gummi bears are a necessity!

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