Monday, February 18, 2008

is camelot near dallas,texas???

yesterday i was in the mall w/ the kiddos and my son was driving me crazy w/ his great listening skills. it was later in the afternoon and i was about 30 mins past 'drained status', so to snag a breather, i made a pit-stop at the starbucks and ordered a tall soy chai latte. after we got our drinks, we looked for a place to sit and recuperate. there werent many places to choose from and the tables they had were either full or not enough seats to accommodate my brood. so my next option was to sit at a a table and ask one of the other patrons if i could steal a chair they werent using. i found an open table w/ three available chairs, which suited my kids, and ventured into coffeedom for another. all the seemingly available chairs would soon be taken by friends, parents, or both according to those at the tables...until i reached this one fellow. taken back by his awesome hairstyle, i stumbled and stammered the words, 'is your, i mean this table...or seat taken? or are you using it?' he told me it was technically taken but that him and his wife would be leaving as soon as she got there so i could take it. or at least that is what i think he said as i was still in awe of this guy's do! no kidding, all i could see was inigio montoya from princess bride w/ straightened/gel slicked hair! pretty cool, i suppose, if it was for a movie circa 1980 or if he resided near camelot, but hideous if he was at the mall in say dallas drinking coffee at say starbucks! but i must say he did give me his seat w/o telling me to prepare to die!

fast forward to earlier this morning and i swear i see the starbucks hair guy's arch rival or counterpart. not to be out done, he has the same gel slicked hair but his 'style' is somewhat different. i guess you could label this hair-do a 'bob' and im relatively glad i didnt have a convo w/ the guy bc i am almost certain the words 'sire' or 'signet' would have somehow slipped out. i mean come on, this guys locks would have forced me into a bad governing of words!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

a handful of contrition

so its 1:50 am at my home in texas and it's pouring rain outside. the rain is slamming against our windows at a ridiculous rate. i love the rain. i love the smell in the air, the way it gracefully trickles down the window as it empties into a small puddle. i love being immersed in nostalgia from the days of my youth. even the thunder and lightning play match maker as my wife and i inch closer and closer until my neck feels the warmth of hers and hers and her rose petal legs become intertwined with mine to combine our warm energies. nice!

only one thing wrong here. IT is not happening at the moment save the rain, lightning, and thunderstorms! thats right, the best part! its not happening because i cannot sleep (big surprise) and im 'typing this thing out'. (i do not like the term 'blog' and this sinister term was a large part of me steering clear of this site. it sounds like: either an object one leaves in the toilet, or some time type of engineering device, or something having to do w/ pimples.) that was some tangent.

thus comes the self-serving of contrition. i do love to write and i guess i can find another word or just try hard to abstain from saying/typing it... ever! much thanks goes to my main squeeze leslie for pushing and pushing and pushing basically tying me down to start one. also props to my homie amy for informing me of the site, minus the pushing, and including my kids in her blog (shudder) to really motivate me!

so as my initiation into 'writing sometimes random thoughts for cyber space' nears its conclusion, i would just like to add, that i for some strange reason do not like capital letters and i rarely use them. i also should forewarn all readers that i can be very erratic, random, arbitrary, or fill in the adjective of choice. fortunately, sometimes it leads to amusing or imaginative stories real or not. and of course there are times when you will leave saying, 'W...T...F...' and probably laugh at me instead of with me! ; )

*random alert*-- so as i was typing this last paragraph out, i was teetering between using 'warn' or 'forewarn' and obviously chose the latter. i then thought what the hell is the difference? so i went into my office and grabbed a dictionary. here's what it said, 'forewarn v. warn in advance'. uhh really? and as opposed to??? how is that different from 'warn'? anyway i think i just gave this small issue a big shadow and im headed to bed!!


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