Sunday, May 3, 2009

the results are in...

well i know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the dance competition results, well probably not the results so much as the video, but i digress. the results are in and i apparently 'shook what my momma gave me' enough to win over the crowd and judges to win the coveted judges choice award! (just know that im taking a bow as i type this.) isnt it funny how one can start off relatively shy and reserved but as soon as they win become annoyingly arrogant?! hehe, well thats exactly how im approaching this entry. jokingly of course... or not ; )

im still waiting to find the video to post, but when i do BEST BELIEVE i will do my own american idol like critique of every contestant! should be fun considering i did in fact win! in the meantime, this video/interview aired a few days before the competition. the interviewer is joe kayata, who is a sports reporter in RI and was actually in the competition.

in actuality, all the routines were good and entertaining, plus we were interviewed before the competition and they played those just before we started our routines. it made for a good intro leading up to the routines and got the crowd warmed up.

signing off for now, but thats just until i can get the videos of all the contestants...including the winner. whoever that was. although im sure he and his partner were awesome. whoever they were. i mean if i had to guess, i'd say he was the athletic type. just guessing though. i dont know, guess we'll have to wait and see ya know.


Deb said...
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Deb said...

Still trying to find a copy of the video, nothing yet. However, everyone agrees with the results. You kicked butt! I have a great picture of you from the local paper that is like, oh yeah, I'm doing my thing.... to this blog thing....

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