Sunday, May 3, 2009

the minivan pandemic

with the swine flu buzz pretty much owning all the tv, newspaper, and radio time these days its pretty easy to overlook other issues america faces. just spit-balling here, but i can think of several instances where more media coverage would absolutely raise awareness and help eradicate the dangers they pose. a few of these issues are: the issue of people wearing a blue tooth earpiece while not in use-cmon, its not cool or sophisticated. men wearing capri pants- i mean do you own a mirror? trash shows like 'tmz'-they remind me of lettuce, tasteless and annoyingly messy. also, the fact that mall chinese food still exists is gross. not to mention the portions are epic!

anyway, taking the cake without a doubt is the minivan pandemic! i swear 80% of the time i experience any sort road rage or just horrible driving, its a man driving a mini van! whether its someone doing 60 mph in a 20 or 20 in a 60, frustration ensues. i feel that action needs to be taken immediately! i propose that no mini van should be allowed to drive over 52mph or be allowed to make left turns, and the tinting of the windows is strictly prohibited.

minivans are the new station wagons and action needs to be taken swiftly.


Melissa said...

I am sorry, but the 'new' station wagon?! Really, you're gonna go with new???

Where have you been for the last 15 years?

sammy said...

hehe not new in the sense of they just appeared recently. think of it just like jay-z's song '30 is the new 20', obviously people didnt just start turning 30 ya dig.

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