Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wake up america!!!

after watching tuesday nights idol, i see now more than ever that america needs to wake up and quit sleeping on allison! that was by far her best performance!

as for my other observations...

randy was back to form in his cardigan thus raising his cardigan wearing to a staggering 98.5% of the time...do the math folks

paula apparently left, not one, but two napkins sloppily tucked in her shirt from this afternoons lunch. you would think that with all of idols popularity, they would have someone check her appearance for her...at least they matched the rest of her shirt.

kara's defining moment (for me) came after simon pretty much put a curse on allison. he said that she was in danger of going home after saying the he didnt believe she thought she could win. she still interjected and told him he was off his rocker. which is true.

and now for the contestants

allison- have i said enough? wake up america! sheesh

matt- very sub par to me. i didnt like the advice jamie foxx gave him and thought he sounded terrible in that key.

kris- yaaaaawn...sorry, just thinking of his performance again made me doze off. im just not a fan of his voice

bette midler...i mean adam- uhhh....umm...well i struggle in how to describe this performance. first off, it was like a scene from some college play. in other words, very theatrical. and its this 'theatricalness' that has irked me from the start. he has a great voice, range, and is unique but i absolutely could not imagine the stuff he's been doing actually playing on a radio. thats just me though

danny- the best performance of the night, as well as, his best performance since 'hell week'. i voted for allison at least twenty times, but also had to vote for him a few times after that performance.

i think that because matt and allison have been in the bottom three several times, they are the leading candidates to be voted off. i honestly am not sure what to think as to who will have to leave. i teeter between matt/allison being voted off and a surprise cast off. either way, if allison gets a raw deal and gets the boot wednesday, i could very well being listening to her on the radio thursday while en route to providence place mall to pick up a new cardigan.

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