Thursday, May 28, 2009

as katy perry sings, 'thats what you get for waking up in vegas!!'

thats right, for memorial weekend i was in las vegas with a friend from college, my agent, and two other guys i met for the first time who are teaming up with him. anyway, long and foggy story short, i pretty much need another vacation to recover from the previous! as a result, im still dead tired and havent even had the time nor energy to write anything of substance...wait a second, this blog rarely has anything of substance! hmmm, well on that note.....

i havent even had the chance to gather my thoughts on the american idol finale, which sucked by the way. my final american idol dissertation will be up soon, but for the time being i figured i would just mention a few random tidbits i, for whatever reason, think about...

1. how come alex trebek and larry king look their age, but pat sajak and vanna white look like they've aged about 5 years over the past 2 decades?

2. how come very few sodas allow you to just pop the top and win a soda. now they all have that web address crap. yeah i'll do that for a soda??

3. i like bicycles but get irritated when people ride them ON the street NEXT TO bike path on the sidewalk! grrrr!

4. for whatever reason, i find personalized license plates incredibly ridiculous!

5. on a similar note, there should be some kind of law against how many bumper stickers are allowed on vehicles. one or two, though kinda cheesy in my opinion, is okay i suppose. but when people have like 600 stickers all over their cars i wanna like follow them until they stop somewhere and let all the air out of their tires and put one huge sticker on the windshield that reads 'WILL YOU STOP WITH THE STICKERS ALREADY!!!' sheesh

6. ive mentioned it before, but i cant believe mall chinese food is STILL even allowed to be served. even worse i cant believe i used to eat it! im going to write president obama a letter urging congress to shut them all down effective immediately!! thats change i can believe in! i was in kuwait and iraq during the superbowl with troops and was amazed at all the food options they had, burger king, mcdonalds, and starbucks were all of the options also included one of those mall chinese 'food' places and one day we were trying to figure out what to eat when someone mentioned this crap joint. i immediately was like, 'oh hell no! i dont eat that crap stateside so i damn sure aint touching the junk over here in the dust capital of the world!'

7. so why is the spelling bee competition aired on sports center?? wait a sec, why is it even aired?

8. probably just me (yes it is i just checked) but the word 'rectify' could be the 'dirtiest' sounding word that actually isnt. kinda like the phrase 'stimulus package'.

9. i went to a pool party in vegas and im still dumbfounded that men actually wear thongs to the beach or pool. ESPECIALLY if they are overly hairy in 'that region'. come on guys, really? i mean do you own a mirror or have friends that will be honest and tell you that spreading nausea isnt nice.

10. two girls i find pretty hot that i didnt necessarily think so when they first stepped on the scene are katy perry and clay aiken...whats that?...thats a dude?!?!.............ahem, i mean, one girl i find pretty hot..........

11. the difference between 'warn' and 'forewarn' would be what?

12. im starting to think that 2 things i really enjoy are extremely contradictory. the fact that i love to sleep yet also love to stay up beyond the midnight hours is probably responsible for this confused, erratic, and absolutely silly blog!


amy (metz) walker said...

#11=hilarious you thought of that! And Katy Perry? Really? You haven't seen her in her Granny swimsuit obviously! Ha!

sammy said...

well you know how i roll ; )

and yes i said katy perry! i actually think it was the granny suit that did it for me!

Lora said...

#12 me too.

I am obsessed with Katy in her gransuit but it makes my husband want to puke.
I have a gransuit that makes me look awesome but it makes my husband want to puke.

Every time I cut my legs while shaving, I say "I tried to shave my legs and wrecked 'em"
It cracks me up every time.
Thanks for following my blog! I'm thoroughly enjoying yours!

sammy said...

hehe, she does pull it off well! which i would say is quite hard to do

every time i wake up in vegas with a bad 'headache' pretty much the entire song plays through my head!

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