Tuesday, May 12, 2009

random pics

i really enjoy taking pics whenever i get the chance. whether it be silly/random stuff that probably few would like, things while visiting new or intriguing places, of the fam', or taking shots actually for someone, i really feel at ease pointing the lens to and fro.

these are a few shots i basically forced my wife to take...kidding...kinda. the first is obviously something i played around with just because i wanted a 'different look'. the latter is one of several pics we took one day and yes it had snowed the previous days and it was freezing cold! hehe, well i was warm and bundled in 68 layers of clothing.

another thing i like to do is take pics while indoors of relatively random stuff. i love the way my oldest daughter describes it, 'daddy i like the way you make regular things look cool.' it really challenges my brain to find things that are 'picture worthy'. the syrup and bedroom pic are from two different vegas stays and the last one is simply a pic i took in my house and i swear to drunk im not God ; )

this pic is one i saw while riding around. its also proof that not all my pics outdoors are of silly or confusing street signs

coughcouldnthelpmyselfcough...okay, am i wrong, or is this absolutely the most elaborate sign of all time! i almost wrecked trying to read the whole damn thing! whats truly amazing is that in all its elaborate-ness, i havent the slightest as to what message its supposed to relay. 'slow, house next to edge of street'??? uhh and thats surprising or new information? i mean why stop there? they should make 'stop' signs that read 'stop cars entering intersection plow into the side panel of car and severely raise insurance rates. i was expecting it to say 'continued on back of sign' at the bottom!


Kembree said...

I logged on to see your AI commentary..cool pictures..

Melissa said...

Yeah, awesome pictures.

With the sign one--if said house is so frickin close to the street, wouldn't it be indication enough to passersby of its presence? I mean, isn't the sign just be superfluous?? Wordy is one thing...

Random thought for you. Do you think people ever try to name their pets or kids based off these Word Verification tests on websites? The one today is "steastu"

Dawn said...

These are really, really good Sammy. I had to laugh because my eyes were drawn to the second picture first and I thought to myself "who is that white girl Sammy's taking pictures of?" And then I realized it was Leslie! Ha!

Seriously - great pics.

C-Pep said...

Nice pics homie....couple in there from the Vegas trip. that breakfast was legit, and you got a killer pic!

sammy said...

i was late with my idol commentary but its finally up...obviously

wow superfluous huh? great word. yeah havent the slightest as to why the sign is even necessary. i never see any good word verification 'words'. you just gave me an idea for a post though ; )

dawn all i have to say is YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!! leslie and i were rollin!!

yeah i gotta post some pics of the food and the view we had.

Anonymous said...

What if that street sign was actually commenting on the mental capabilities of the house at the edge of the street?

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