Tuesday, May 5, 2009

duets on idol...

...is a terrible idea and i hope they never do it again. well thats what i initially thought until i heard adam and allison perform. other than the,'i need a thesaurus to think of another fitting word to describe' shrill he does seemingly ALL the time, i actually liked the duet.

on second thought, i think i liked that performance but am against the idea of duets. its not solely because kris and danny sounded like two guys who just happened to get up and improvise the same karaoke(took me forever to spell karaoke right) song either. i just dont like the idea and will probably need some time to explain exactly why. at any rate, danny was better than kris and.......speaking of danny.....

wow. i actually felt awkward for him as he, not only hit, assaulted that last note. it just seemed to keep going on and on and on that i felt like i was blushing for the guy. i really like him and like that simon added that he should still be okay, but that was beyond terrible. even the start of the song sounded bad. either way i like him and he's my second favorite behind good ol' allison.

speaking of allison, i kinda felt like the judges were hating a little bit and giving bad feedback that was unwarranted. i gotta admit, that i had not previously heard ANY of the songs performed but out of the four, i liked this one the best. maybe somewhat bias, but for me personally, i could not listen to any of the songs performed on my ipod. thats just me though.

christina aguilera, i mean, adam, had another performance that i just didnt vibe with but the judges loved. i guess im just not into the sound of his voice at all. im not a rock fan either, but i also dont like country music all that much but like a few people here and there. the same goes with adams genre and i just simply dont like that theatrical opera sound.

that leaves kris. the only way to describe this is to type exactly what was in my brain while he performed as well as now as i reflect. hum drum, boring, sleepy, what am i doing tomorrow, are we out of milk, has he done the same song the entire show, marbles, corn dogs are awesome, text 'vote' to 5702 to vote for allison, hey why is ryan talking? oh i guess that means he's done already.

anyway, i hate to say it, but i think its either kris or allison leaving tomorrow. I THINK it should be kris, but the thanks to judges being waaaaaay over critical, i think my girl could be in trouble. i think danny will survive and adam will do sort of like matt when he got his reprieve and be safe.

one last thing...okay two. dude, randy, what?? i was like what?? no cardigan what?? dawg, dude, dawg, dawg, dude, what??

and lastly, im still trying to put my finger on it (thats what she said) but as ive stated before, im starting to like kara as a judge and i think she offers really good critique. but one thing im noticing is that, even though she offers good advice, it is for some reason bothersome to actually watch her give the advice. again, i dont know why just yet. i do think she's relatively easy on the eyes, but AS SOON as she starts to form her mouth to speak, i wish they would put her in one of those 'shadows' like they do for people who are protecting their identity for whatever reason. i dont know, even disguise her voice for the full effect. or even have her sit in a room off site and 'accidentally' lose the feed...i dont know, just bear with me folks im still sorting through this myself.


Kembree said...

Hey I found you off of Neisha and Dawn's blogs..I love your AI commentary..Memphis was representin this year..How did you not LOVE Adam and Allison's Duet? I love that Adam is over the top, Idol needs someone like him to win :)

sammy said...

hello there

yeah your right, memphis was representin!

i didnt love NOR hate their duet. i kinda liked it actually, but that 'over the top' screaming really throws me off! the fact that he looks completely different than what i 'think' he should sound like is really off putting...kinda like looking at mariah carey but hearing barry whites booming voice...hehe thats actually pretty funny to picture.

Will said...

Nice comments....can America please give Chris and Danny enough votes to get Celine Dion, I mean Adam "puddy face" off this show. Paula singing tonight? what is going on? has the swine flu affected the producers' judgment.

C-Pep out!

Kembree said...

Well I agree Adam's skin isnt that pretty and wearing all that make up doesnt help (or HDTV's)! But..he is so over the top and does have a unique voice, and heck I like his wild (I may be gay OR straight) wardrobe..Poor Allison...

Goldstein Family said...

Sammy, when are you coming in town? Have you already come? Let me know, we would love to see you!

Will said...

Unique voice...if you call a shrill unique!

C-Pep out

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