Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI commentary...even though i have half a mind to not watch the show anymore because allison is no longer on the show.

after last weeks elimination show, i found myself wondering what the worse part of the show was. the fact that allison didnt make it through really turns my stomach, but the fact that paula performed really killed the nights show and not to mention, really put a damper on any intentions i may have had of 'intimate moments' later if you know what i mean. (wink wink) i mean really, how could i expect to 'perform' after watching and listening to her perform ya dig?

anyway, my allison is gone and the show officially sucks. but like the circus, the show must go on and this show starts with the judges and ryan orange-crest...ahem, thats seacrest. i apologize for the mix up, but is it just me or is ryans face getting more orange every week? he either has been spending waaay too much time in the tanning bed or...i wonder if the swine flu can be spread through dirty tweezers or nail filing boards? hmmm

speaking of going on, randy was back at it w/ the cardigans. i like a cardigan from time to time, but good lord, can we take a timeout? can we let them have some alone time in the closet? dawg? what? what? what? that right there? what? dawg? dude? dude?

as ive said before, i do like kara as a judge WAY more now than i did from the beginning. the only hang up i have is that i find her really bothersome to watch as she gives her critiques. this was soooo evident for me yesterday. i could feel myself wanting to look away as she went on and on with her flailing mannerisms and over annunciation of every adjective and verb.

and lastly, for the record, sometimes the paula and simon 'play fights' get kinda annoying. it takes up too much time away from the actual show and its not funny. i must admit that i do like when simon has that 'damn who farted' expression on his face while paula attempts to offer words of nothingness. (that doesnt event make sense but it kinda does all things considered) i mean what are the people supposed to say when they hear, 'i were a..unicorn....yet sweet like werent cream were fresh like corn fresh?...and i must look adorable commanded...that stage like......a pro....a pro of singing good! here is where she signals to us she's finished by clapping that odd clap only she could do. all this is met with confused faces and the brief awkward silence. what else could one expect? i mean she sounds like what it would sound like if someone were to attempt to translate some ancient hieroglyphic.

anyway enough about paula and her stammering delivery. lets get on to the contestants...that all suck, btw, and couldnt hold allison's jock (or bra in this case).

kris- zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i am simply not a fan. i thought he left alot of proverbial meat on the proverbial bone with the song 'apologize' while the second song was so unbelievably ridiculous i almost dont even want to comment. almost. randy had the audacity to say that was better than kanye's version! easy there big fella. why dont you take a breather and maybe loosen your cardigan some because that version wreaked! my brother was amongst those who liked it, but his musical ear stinks! he's in the air force and has been in war situations. im thinking that due to the war time experience and shrapnel possibly lodged in his ear canals, he is unfit to say whether this song is good or bad. hehe

donna summers was way over the top yesterday. i thought the theatrics were pushed to the max with the U2 song and the aerosmith song was typical. and by typical i mean the regular loud banshee like shriek that breaks glass, relieves constipation, causes dogs to run for cover and im almost positive it has something to do with the swine flu outbreak.

i couldnt stand danny's first song and paula should not be allowed to choose songs! it wasnt a terrible performance considering what he was given to work with. now the second song was absolutely amazing. i really hope it was enough to get him through to the finals.

so my guess is that kris will be eliminated tonight and danny will face off against adam in the finals only lose before the show even starts.


Kembree said...

Stop hatin! Kris and Adam did deserve to make it to the finals. You have one wholesome boy from Arkansas and a crazy sexually confused Californian not to mention in all the Miss USA stuff. I liked Kris's version of Kanye, it was creative. I did NOT like Danny's "You are so beautiful". I think its going to be a good final, I can't wait :) Good observations on the judges they need a show of their own or something..its all too much.

amy (metz) walker said...

Gosh, you're Random Sammy for good reason! ;-)

Danny=wears me out! Kris=big fan! Adam=talented, but in a musical theatre sorta way.

sammy said...

hehe, is so boring to me and adam is beyond being over the top! you should get your ears checked out if you didnt like danny's song! it was an amazing vocal! when he hits the high notes i dont cringe like i do when mariah carey, i mean, adam does. ; )

c'mon miss amy, this is news to you? you are 1 out of 3 in your idol assessment. pretty sure you know which one i think you got right ; )

Goldstein Family said...

I am so disappointed that Danny is gone. I don't think Kris has a chance against Adam, unfortunately. What you failed to mention, Sammy, is Adam's ridiculous tongue that he sticks out like KISS at all the inappropriate times while he's singing!! His wailing is too much and I can't imagine ever listening to him on the radio let alone buy his album!! Danny's second song was INCREDIBLE! Loved it, loved it! Thanks for all your AI commentary, you keep me laughing all the time!

sammy said...

yeah danny was amazing with his second song! i completely agree with all your points on adam and you're right did forget to mention adam and his tongue wagging antics. that always reminds of going to the doctor and saying 'aaahhh'. it fits when dealing doctors but is hideous when it involves adam singing.

Anonymous said...

Sammy, Sammy,Sammy. You are seriously wrong about Kris, dawg!He blew up Kanye's version of Heartless. First of all, Kanye can't sing a note in tune. That's why they had to SUPER-synthesize his voice on that song. His version blows hard!!!! I thought it was a joke the first time I heard it on the radio. On the other hand, Kris has a smooth velvety voice. Which song do you think would get you more action, Kanye's robotic, zero vocal talent murmurings OR the soft, sultry, smooth voice of Kris Allen?
BTW-This is Erin, not Will. He doesn't know vocal talent...apparently neither do you! ;-)

sammy said...

lol...erin, erin, erin.

first of all, by the time i woke up, after kris put me sleep yet again, i had to rewind the dvr because he bored me into mind numbing slumber. second of all, kanye's version isnt supposed to sound soulful or even good for that matter. that'd be like comparing someone singing, somebody other than kris that is, snoop dogg's 'sensual seduction' and saying that the singing version sounded better. and as for the 'action', i couldnt use anything by kris because we'd both be sleeping by the time i reached 2nd base!!! ; )

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