Saturday, May 30, 2009

the bible leaves out the part that satan was actually reincarnated

thats right folks! well thats the only logical explanation of this crap. i mean just look at the things! how is that not demonic?!

i havent the slightest as to who actually purchases the sugary, lard, celluite mixture. (sorry but they just remind me of celluite in a bag). everything about the candy itself is a mystery to me. i mean why circus peanuts? my guess is that someone was infatuated with the circus and thought that naming a candy 'circus peanuts' would be a nice gesture. i dont have a problem with that per se, but why single out the peanuts? if anything the name should be 'circus droppings' because that is what they most resemble.

at any rate, beseech the masses that circus peanuts are the devil!!!


Dawn said...

I saw some of these in Kroger today and thought, "YUM." I actually like those darned things.

dlem said...

The wifey says circus peanuts r not as bad a lil peeps, they're both fat and have bumps in weird places! I think they both suck! Tastes like blown up cardboard marinated in old hot dog water! Dawn, you are disgusting!

PG said...

The do have one redeeming quality...

throw one in the microwave for about 30 seconds and watch. It's pretty cool.

sammy said...

dawn i know you're joking...right??

i would say lil peeps are not as bad but thats like choosing between the 'the hills' and 'gossip girl' ya dig!

pg, you have peeked my interest! im going to pretty much waste the rest of the pack to see what happens! or maybe i'll just send the rest to dawn!

wheresmymind said...

mmm...can't say enough good things about circus peanuts or peeps!


sammy said...

wheres my mind: hehe, after reading your comments, i have to say that im also asking the question 'wheres your mind?!'

just a girl... said...

LOL. I have this weird thing that has happened to me for years. Sometimes I just smell these nasty freaking things. They give me a serious gag reflex not even kidding. NASTYNESS.

sammy said...

just a girl- i have that same problem w/ alot of tequila! the texture, smell, and the taste are all horrendous!

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