Monday, May 11, 2009

you gotta fight for the right to party

not sure how many have heard about the kid who was faced with the decision of going to his girlfriends prom, which would actually be going against his own schools beliefs on dancing, or go to the dance and face penalties from his school which include suspension. he goes to a rather strict christian private school and part of attending the school means one has to sign off on the schools beliefs, and of course, no dancing is one of the things he signed off on. long story short, he ended up going to the dance and in turn was suspended and wont be able to take his final exams NOR graduate with the rest of his class. now i gotta say, i find his schools views to be extremely strict and primitive, but i guess the adage, 'to each his own' fits here. the fact that the school is archaic in some of its precepts is irrelevant because the family knew this when they signed their kid up. the point that honestly saddens me is the fact the school can, or better yet, desire to control peoples behavior OUTSIDE of the school grounds and hours. again i know the family apparently read and signed the agreement and should catch a lot of the blame for him not graduating on time, but i just cannot get over the fact that this school, and others like it, would try and 'legislate' what they deem 'good' behavior. i think that for 'good behavior' to be true 'good behavior', it absolutely has to come from the heart not legislated. one can follow rules and precepts WITHOUT a heart change or even a desire for them. schools as these seem to be more concerned with 'aesthetics' and people portraying their version of what they think God wants everyone to adhere to, rather than allowing people to grow and mature and find out who they are as an individual. in my opinionit is better for people to find out who they are and what they believe, as opposed to, being told who they are and what to believe. obviously im not saying that all rules should be abolished but i just dont see how dancing falls into the realm of what the school should or shouldnt allow while AWAY from the school grounds.

thats just my humble opinion though

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