Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more idol...

so a quick recap before tonite's elimination show.

allison-- she is still my favorite and my choice to win the whole thing. my only complaint was the obvious...that atrocious outfit she wore! apparently she lost a bet and the result was that she had to have a 4 year old dress her. hehe, im being somewhat silly but the only real problem i had was with the light socket hair.

gokey-- he did a great job as well. i wasnt familiar with the song and not really a fan of the genre all together, so that says alot in my mind. similar to my not being a country music fan, but i like carrie underwood's stuff.(i would quip here but that is just entirely too easy.)

matt-- similar to gokey, he did a song i wasnt familiar with, but not like danny, he sucked...i mean he sucked bad. even the keyboard didnt sound good and it was very distracting from an already crap performance. he didnt deserve to be in the bottom two last week and oddly enough, i dont think he does this week either. that was a terrible performance but overall he is still very talented but is doing a terrible job of demonstrating it.

lil rounds-- she really let me down. she's been struggling with song choice, which could have something to do with the genre being thrust upon her, so i just knew she was going to pick something that would showcase her soon as i heard what she was doing i was dumbfounded. she actually did a decent job of singing it, but it was just extremely 'ho-hum' to me. she left alot of meat on that bone!

adam-- wow, once again, i dont know what to make of the guy. i do know that high pitched shrill is terrible and i dont see it sounding very good or relative on the radio, cd, ipod, walkman, satellite radio, etc. i know this is all my opinion and probably in the minority on this one, but he is entertaining to watch and all but c'mon...i think he's more suited for theatre or even vegas. again, im just not a fan

kris-- last time i said i found him to be boring and everything sounds the same, and i kinda still do, but he did a really good job with the song and changed it up quite nicely. overall i think he's pretty good but could his cd sounding like the same song over and over and over and...well you know what i mean.

megan--okay okay already. she's pretty and has some pretty cool looking tats, but lets be real, she continuously butchers whatever song she does, even if its the right song! i thought she would do bob marley well, but she murdered that song and buried it in a remote jungle! i think what the problem is is that she has parts or aspects of her voice that are unique and sound well in certain songs, but she doesnt know WHEN to use those unique parts! she over emphasizes it and uses that raspy unique sound entirely too much. she is starting to get irritating and what makes it worse is that doesnt seem to care. i liked her to begin w/ but her time on idol is probably coming close to being over.

scott-- his best performance but im still not all that impressed. his voice is average and i think his strongest aspect is playing the piano. from what he says, he is also a songwriter. i would say that songwriter and playing the piano should be his focus. i must also add that the genre he is best at is not really a favorite of mine so i may be a little bias in my not being a fan of his muzak.

and lastly there's anoop--uhhh, looks as if he's back to that bobby brown-esque type nonsense. that was a terrible rendition of 'caught up' and i really think he'll be voted off this week because of it. i really do think he can sing well but if wants to be a r&b artist that is definitely NOT the type of r&b he should be doing! he looked so awkward and sounded just as equaly bad. for all the guys on idol, a litmus test for how you've done is this: the more random paula is, the worse you've done! and when she assessed anoops performance, she was all over the place. i think it went something like this:

paula-- 'anoop...i love...that song...i love you.....i would see more...when a that. i also love...that your name..ends..with a 'p' you well know my name......BEGINS with a 'p'...and that is....totally...awesome....i mean that?! wearing a know...what else starts...with a 'p'?

anoop-- whats that paula?

paula--peanut butter!!!!

hehe, anyway, not sure if you caught that last part, but it was a sight to see!

lets see what america says tonight and who has to leave??

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