Saturday, April 11, 2009

corn dogs

i know i know, whats up with the corn dog title right? you'll know why soon.

im not sure if people actually read the profiles posted, but i usually read them when i click on a bloggers page.

at any rate, i just changed my random question they asked and the wife thought it was ridiculous enough that i should point it out. as for the corndog explanation, just read through my interests. so without further ado...

(the corn dog explanation is a click away)...


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!! Your random question is pretty hilarious! Amy and I have become great friends so I enjoy any time she actually lets me take pictures of her! Its a great hobby to get into.. and hopefully one day it will be what I do full time!! God bless!!

sammy said...

no problemo. amy and i go way back to our texas tech days.

i love taking pics as well. although i must say, alot of my photos are about as random as my blogging! ; )

Anonymous said...

actually, morning star (the makers of all kinds of veggie burgers,etc) make a veggie corn dog. Not too bad when you dip them in some spicy mustard or BBQ sauce (my preferred condiment of choice)...

sammy said...

well anonymous, i gotta admit that the sound of veggie burgers make me queasy. i remember seeing a 'food' labeled 'to-furkey' (some kind of tofu) and havent looked at tofu, morningstar, etc products the same since. not to mention i accidentally tried tofu in a chinese restaurant buffet line and could not bring myself to eat chinese food again for the next eleventy years!

BUT...i am actually considering trying these. not sold yet, but i will at least have to look at the picture on the box and the ingredients.

i will let you know what transpires.

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