Wednesday, April 22, 2009

more (quick) idol tidbits

a few judge related points...

i think kara is my new favorite judge. well not to say she supplanted anyone or anything, but she is indeed my favorite. to be frank, im not even really sure why. i did like her comments to lil. they went something like, 'i think everyone was waiting for you to do an artist like chaka khan, but it wasnt worth the wait.'...priceless.

i swear i have the same puzled looks on my face that simon has when paula blabbers out her critiques.

randy?! dawg?! whats up with the cardigan-less ensembles?! you had one on pretty much every week and i swear one week you had two on at once, but now you seem to have ditched em'! what gives?...dawg?

also, no one is allowed to say 'self indulgent' EXCEPT for simon! randy seems to have started saying it more and more and its getting really corny and copycat! that'd be like simon incessantly using the word 'dawg' or paula actually sounding coherent. c'mon. dawg. be original dawg, what??

anyway, on to the contestants.

first there was j-lo...i mean lil rounds. (sorry i couldnt pass that one up!) those hot-pants were the best part of her performance! it was hideous, the singing that is, from the first note!

then there was kris, i thought this was disco week, allen. ive said before that all his songs sound the same and this week was VERY indicative of just that. yeah he changed a disco song but he sang it like he ALWAYS does. pretty boring IMO

danny's performance was pretty good. you could tell he was out of his element some, but at least he attempted to do the theme. his singing was on point as always.

allison...what more can i say? she sounded awesome, but there was that damned phone she formed with her thumb and pinkie, but she gets a hall pass from me ; )

after allison was tina turner...ahem, i mean adam. once again, what more can i say? just not a fan of that extremely excrutiating high pitch shriek. (shudder)

matt was okay but sort of boring. he did enough to get him through to the next round, but thats mainly because he got saved the week before.

anoop's song was okay to listen to, but weird to watch. he just looks clumsy and lost up there. its like he wants to do more of that fast paced crap he's done before but knows the judges dont like it...for good reason that is!

going home will be anoop and lil. again, matt will get another week because he was saved the week before and will get more 'sympathy votes' if you will.

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