Wednesday, April 8, 2009

concise idol

just a few quick hits on last nights show:

generally speaking:

i am officially a kara fan! (i would have put her whole name, but i dont recall the spelling of her last name and i really dont feel like looking it up.) i actually like her input, she's not cookie cutter, but she is, oddly enough, still kinda annoying. for whatever reason, after last nights show, i became a fan...go figure

after watching paula 'dance' and gyrate during a few of the routines, who would have ever thought she was actually KNOWN for her moves! i mean, she was a damn laker girl! she looks absolutely dreadful and offbeat! once again...go figure

im right there with simon when paula is talking because i havent slightest as to what she's talking about.

im guessing randy must have joined some new religion/cult that involves it followers badly over-doing AND emphasizing lame slang phrases and wearing cardigan sweaters entirely too much! i mean damn has he worn anything else?!?!

now i would like to create awareness amongst idol viewers for a sec. i would like everyone to get on the same page and automatically NOT vote for ANY contestant that either: uses their hands to show their number to the crowd when seacrest is giving their digits OR uses their hand as a phone and mouths to the viewers to 'call them'.

for reasons unbeknownst to me, i find this wildly annoying!

as for the contestants:

allison- the bomb! also her outfit was still that 'quirky' look i think she's going for yet it didnt look like tsunami ripped through her wardrobe!

gokey- awesome

anoop- decent yet boring and repetitive

lil- sucked off yet another great opportunity. she'll be voted off tonite in my opinion

scott- average, boring, and predictable even W/O his piano

kris- terrible

matt- terrible. i dont know why it sounded so bad to me but apparently great to the judges

adam- honestly havent even seen the whole thing.


Dawn said...

You have WAY too much time on your hands these days. LOL.

chris said...

I don`t watch the show but I love your honest breakdown!

sammy said...
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sammy said...

i wish i did have alot of time! after all it is a 'concise' breakdown and the rest is just me being me ; )

you should watch chris. then you'd really appreciate my comments and actually hear how paula stammers her words to no end!

The Bradford Blog said...

Adam had me at "Mad World" :)

sammy said...

diana- im glad you posted, because i cannot find your page and its driving me crazy! i posted on your page sometime ago about your baby news being news to me. but now i cannot find your page and when i click on the bradford blog tag, it just goes to your profile?? also cant find it from amy's page. im sure its something very simple im not doing right, but its very aggravating!...and, oh yeah, adam is terrible ; )

Goldstein Family said...

I just had to post quickly to say the word verification for this post is pooppot. What?!? Too funny not to share. Off I go to type it out. Where does blogspot come up with this stuff?

sammy said...

carrie- i know what you mean, the other day mine was crappit! okay okay so i made that up!

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