Wednesday, April 15, 2009


another quick rundown of last nights nap inducer... i mean last nights show!! i think the show should start with the crowd chanting 'car-di-gan' with a simultaneous thunderous foot stomp as randy takes his seat! i personally like cardigan sweaters from time to time, but c'mon. well i guess if simon can wear his snug t-shirt and paula can wear hideous jewelry/clothes all together, then i guess randy's car-di-gan's are welcome too right?

anyway, contestant time...really the only two that were different were adam and lil rounds. and by different, i dont necessarily mean good.

adam's was different in that it was upbeat. whereas lil's was different because it wreaked.

everyone else did a pretty good job, but they were all pretty boring, put you to sleep type songs. but again, they sang them well.

i even found allison's (voted for her 5 times) song to be yawn worthy AND she did that ridiculous hand gesture i cannot stand where they show their number or use their thumb and pinkie to mimic a phone! blech! either way, she is still my favorite to win it all.

pretty sure most would say lil will be ousted, and i agree, but i think she should have went last week.


Goldstein Family said...

I was laughing when Allison held up her number and told Kyle what you had said earlier. I wondered if it would effect your opinion of her. I am loving your AI rundowns but I have to say, I am pulling for Danny. Talented guy, sweet story AND he's a music minister. I know he will do well even if he doesn't win. Miss you guys!

sammy said...

hehe i was honestly anticipating her actions and was letdown some when she did the unspeakable deed! its extremely annoying but i guess i'll have to give her a hall pass!

danny is a beast and i liked him when i first heard him during 'hell week'. i want it to be him and allison in the finals but i doubt that will happen. pretty sure Cher...i mean adam will make it through to the finals at least.

i will be in SA just for a few days in a couple weeks. im going to help out with a fundraiser at my brothers base. where is kyle stationed these days?

Goldstein Family said...

He's at Randolph. Depending on when you're here, he may or may not be here. He leaves to go TDY on the 3rd of May. Let us know when you are in town, maybe we can see you! By the way, I love how you refer to Adam as Cher... totally fits!

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