Wednesday, April 22, 2009

crap...what have i done?!

sometime ago, i was asked by my friend eric, who heads a marketing group i work with, if i would be interested in doing a rhode island version dancing with the stars. it would just be a one day competition and would obviously be for local 'celebrities'. personally not a fan of the word 'celebrity' but thats what was in the email eric sent but i digress. this event would be put on to promote the mentoring of kids, or adults that act like kids. i personally love the idea of mentoring and the impact it can have in the lives of not only the kids, but the mentors as well. if i can be honest for a sec, as good as i think the idea is, initially that really wasnt enough to get me to dance in front of people to be judged...just being honest people. i think i CAN dance, but the thought of doing a salsa, waltz, or even a break dance routine in front of people made me break out in hives. but after some careful consideration, i decided to go ahead and embarrass myself and commit to doing this dance off.

the only thing is/was, i was a little behind in preparing a routine because i was so initially undecided...well that and the hives. the hoedown will be on april 30 and my partner and i started working together the first week of april! no pressure at all! i must have scared the hell out of my partner, barb, during our first phone conversation. it went something like this...

barb: hello sammy? this is barb and i will be your dance partner

me: (trying to hide the dry heaving) oh...hey

barb: so we're a little behind everyone else, i gotta ask, what is your dance experience?

me: is that with or without the alcohol?! (i begin to laugh hysterically mainly to hide my nervousness)

barb: uhhh...

me: sorry about for the dancing experience, do you meanlike in a club?

barb: uhh, not really??(now she's trying to hide the dry heaving)i mean more like tango, salsa, etc

me: are actual dance names? they sound like items from a mexican food joint menu.

barb: (silence)

me: (silence)

barb: (muffled weeping)

me: i do know how to do the running man, electric slide, and the cabbage patch though

barb: (sniffling) oh...okay then. can you just meet me at the studio at 2pm tomorrow so we can talk in person and officially meet?

me: sure thing. im pretty nervous about this whole thing, but i am very competitive so i know we can pull this off and whoop all the other contestants!

barb: (you think YOUR nervous you jerk athlete?! she thinks to herself) well its for fun and a good cause so feel free to leave your football ways at home.

me: yeah good cause schmoz, i wanna win baby! what are those dances you mentioned again? tang and samba was it?

barb: (faints)

anyway, we met up and she eventually figured that i could do just enough for her to work with. we've been practicing pretty regularly now and i think we're in good shape. we're doing a version of 'the salsa' and i just barfed thinking about doing it! wow! what have i got myself into!

as i stated, we got started a little bit later than everyone else and as a result, we didnt get a chance to jump on the fundraising part as early as the others. i was wondering if you could help me raise some funds to help mentor kids. its a GREAT cause and several kids/mentors will benefit. if you visit my page, you will see everything you need to know to donate and make a difference in the lives of many. and yes i may post the video of the performance...that is if we (i) dont lay an egg and really mess things up!

so please join me in making a complete and utter ass of myself...ahem, i mean join me in helping to enrich the lives of so many and have a good time doing it.

wish me luck!


Nicole Nehib said...

Hilarious! I absolutely want to see a video, and I know Amanda will be watching this competition and laughing her booty off!!! Your Texas friends will be supporting you 'dance star'. I will also post a link on our church website for fundraising!

Melissa said...

Yeah, it's basically pointless to mention this if you're not planning on also posting pictures or videos...

diana b said...

good luck. (i am secretly hoping that you suck because i always enjoy watching people make asses out of themselves) :)

Caeden and Kai's World said...

HEEEEEY Sammy! FIrst off, tell Leslie I said HI, and to STOP making people look bad post baby body!!! Hate her! LOL. Anyway, it's good to see you guys are doing well, and I can NOT wait to see your dancing video!!!! Soooo, post it, man!!!

Pittis (what the two year old calls her daddy when she tries to say his name) says WHAT UP !

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