Thursday, April 2, 2009


--random alert--

okay so im at my daughters gymnastics practice yesterday and about halfway through, she motions to me that she's hungry. im not at all surprised because practice starts at 330 and but she's done with school at 240 so we have to bring her clothes and book it! so like a good dad, i go to the vending machine and purchase a small bag of cheese crackers. problem resolved and we're now good to go till dinner time. a few minutes later im just sitting there sending emails from my phone, texting, keeping my son from 'accidently' walking into the girls bathroom, and trying to imagine the place not smelling like corn chips.(i dont know why, buts its funny to me that little girls sweat stinks just as much as little boys). amongst all this, i look down at the bag of cheese crackers and for whatever reason begin to wonder why the bag of crackers look like this...

is it just me or should the bag read 'cheez itS'?? i always refer to them as 'cheez its', my kids refer to them as such, EVERYONE i know refers to them as 'cheez its' because ive never seen a bag containing a single cracker! when i googled it to get the image for this post, it also showed 'cheez its' as the first selection while 'cheez it' wasnt even an option.

so of course i did some research and also googled 'rice krispies' cereal and of course the box depicts the plural form because...well because there's more than one krispie located inside the box. duh

anyway, then i got really random and really stupid with the whole idea. i wondered if anyone could eat just one 'Lay' potato chip or how would i react to my kids asking for some 'goldfishes' as a snack. i then wondered if all the folks from the company actually refer to it as 'cheez it' and get mad when their kids or consumers call it otherwise. that would be hilarious to hear a 'cheez it' employee yell to their kids after they've made the 'mistake' of calling it by its plural name!

anyhow im apparently tired and amused very easily, but i warned you this was a random post. im headed to bed after i have bowl cereal. hmm, i think i'll some fruit loop tonight ; )


Melissa said...

You totally ruined my enjoyment of Cracker Jack the other day. Thanks, bro.

chris said...

Sounds like they want you to Cheese it. Like put cheese on it. Idk got me thinking!

The Bradford Blog said...

Thanks for pointing this out to me... now I notice the Cheez-IT bag in EVERY vending machine. Like I needed another odd thing to obsess about! :)

sammy said...

chris, mel and diana- you are very welcome ; )

diana- my next goal is now to have you paying extra attention to road signs!

diana said...

I don't have time to notice strange street signs... I am too distracted staring at stray hairs that stick to people's clothes. :) I hate it when fallen hairs cling to clothes. Odd... I know.

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