Friday, April 10, 2009

around town

a while back i posted about some of the odd or confusing sign posts ive seen around town. (you see that post here)

i dont know if i just havent noticed similar signs back in texas, but all these somewhat odd signs are from here in massachusetts.

anyway, here are three more signs i found amusement from...(not that thats hard or anything)

#1: so what year are we in again?

ive seen this particular sign quite a bit around town, and they are typically seen on the side of ramps entering the freeway. so i understand why the person and the bike are in the ghostbuster symbol, but the horse?? i guess i could understand the horse a little better if we were in say the 1800's! are there really that many people riding horses to the grocery store? are there really that many equestrian lovers slowing up traffic on freeway ramps that several signs had to be posted?

#2: float on duck...float on

i think i was just in a silly mood when i first saw this sign! it is actually posted in a shopping center where there is absolutely NO WATER!! that in and of itself is kinda weird to me, but just the sign in general is pretty comical. im not sure why the second duckling is apparently floating away.

#3: huh??

now for this one im sure ive seen in other places, but it wasnt til i got here that i found it which way willl the rig potentially flip over?


Dawn said...

This is funny...

chris said...

It seems to me signs are put up to patch a problem instead of fixing it. You know to say well I told ya it was slippery when you can`t sue me :)

Drywall said...

The rig will flip to the right because the road is bending to the left.

It took me like 10 years to figure that out.

sammy said...

so the arrow is supposed to be the way road is turning?? it all sounds good but the arrow throws me for a loop.

Drywall said...

Yeah, I think so. I usually seem 'em on highway interchanges and the arrow seems to match the way the on/off ramp bends around.

But I'm no highway engineer, I could be wrong...

Keep the crazy road sign collection up!

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