Thursday, March 26, 2009

my american idol commentary

so i seriously wish american idol would let me sit in on one of the times they visit all the different cities in the early part of the competition. i dont mean to just watch either, i mean to actually cast a vote that would play a part in determining if the contestant is "GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!" in these early rounds, i find myself deciding whether the person should go on or not...thats after i get done laughing hysterically at the 'abysmal ones' as simon would say. maybe i could represent 'the peoples vote' ya dig.

anyway, now that ive plugged my desire to judge, i will now share some of my thoughts from last nights show and the contestants in general...oh, and the judges.

anyway lets start with judges. let the tomatoes fly:

randy: he is pretty decent, but somewhat annoying at times. i can picture him in his dressing room before the show practicing all his 'urban terms' that he randomly throws out to seem hip.

kara: i honestly dont know what to make of her. at times she seems to be trying to hard to fit in and is extremely corny at times. not to mention that last night her math was a tad off! tell me you heard her say that she only had 6 words for adam. those 6?? words were 'one of the best performances of the night!' sooo im going to go out on a limb and say that that is not 6 words. as soon as she said it, i had that confused look and replayed it counting the words ever so slowly. what really confuses me is how she actually came up with this line. i dont know if she was just free-styling or tried to prepare it beforehand. i hope that she did not prepare the line thinking it was ready to go as is, but i doubt she free-styled bc that seems pretty tough to do. when you make such a bold claim like that, you have got to spot on! i mean imagine if moses would have added another commandment after declaring not to covet! pretty sure the masses would have been humored if even for a little bit!

paula: i swear the contestants look so disinterested when paula stammer...words out..that have so making...the contestants......any......better! i can also see paula in the dressing room mirror before the show telling herself over and over, ' and...try to...make sense...of else...fails..tell....the..girls...they look...pretty.'you pretty much know you've sucked if paula comments more about your fashion than the actual singing!

simon: easily the best judge by a mile! even though he isnt a singer, he consistently gives good feedback and its applicable and truthful. the only knock on simon is that is handshake looks really lame!

anyway, briefly on to last nights performances:

matt: is a beast! he's really talented and soulful. i was trippin when he initially was about to not make the cut.

kris: honestly he is just average to me. i think he sings well, but everything has the same 'feel' to it and it gets boring. even when he plays the guitar it sounds like he's playing the same song but singing different words.

scott: an awesome story, but he his really starting to bore me as well. he sounds like he was born about a decade or two late because of the way he sings. i forget the song he played a few weeks ago but it really fit him well, but i dont see him being able to do anything current.

megan: a very pretty girl (like paula would say so you know whats coming) with a cool tatted up look that suits her, but she is very limited in what she can do well. even when she actually gets the song choice right, she just sems to fall short in my opinion. i thought she would have wrecked(in a good way) 'rockin robin' a few weeks ago, but she was average and for some reason she didnt seem to follow the beat and then that god-awful squawk at the end was so unbelievably hideous!! as soon as i heard what song she was doing last night, i shuddered and thought it was going to be a train wreck...and she then followed to do derail the entire train! yikes

annop: i actually like his voice but i dont think he can win the whole thing. i told my brother that he could sing but he isnt a singer. similar to someone being able to catch, throw, or even run fast but they are not a football player ya dig. im am so glad he is over doing that crap version of bobby brown's 'my prerogative'.

michael: a fellow texan, but not a good singer or at least he hasnt shown it. his song choices are also starting to bore the hell out of me.

lil rounds: a talented singer who also chooses terrible songs. when i heard she was doing 'heatwave' i was let down because i thought she was in the right type of music to belt out some powerful tunes, because she was waaaay out of her element with country week and who knows when she'll be able to pick something that will allow her to do her thing...or as randy would say, 'whats goin down dawg, you alright up there, i was waiting for you to do your thang girl! i was like what?'...whatever

danny: he's also a beast and again what a great story, but yesterday was pretty boring. his 'dancing' was also pretty silly looking. either way he is a great singer and should be in the finals.

adam: i dont know what to make of this guy. i swear im looking at the guy from green day, but i also swear im listening to cher at times! he made me really uncomfortable during country week! he is very talented but i dont know what to make of him or what kind of music he would actually do. i dont see how that extremely high pitched shrill would fit in...again just one mans opinion

and theres...

alison: the girl is a beast-ette?? anyway the girl can sing and i love the raspy sound to her voice. it annoys me how the judges keep saying that for 16 she can sing well. it comes across as something similar to someone saying, 'oh that girl is pretty smart for a blonde'. i think i know what they mean but it sounds like they're minimizing what she can do or speaking in a condescending tone for some reason.

anyway to sum up miss alison in all the words/way of the judges i would say this... i only have 3 words for the dawg miss alison and those 3 words are: she is my choice to win the whole thing because the girl...can...really sing...well...i mean some of the other contestants are absolutely rubbish and a bit like some singer in lounge somewhere. alison those...singers. dawg u can really sing, i was like what? this girl has skills, what? what? wow you blew it out da box girl! what?

anyway, we'll see how the show goes tonite.

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