Sunday, March 21, 2010

so lora could have saved me some jail time...

i love coming up with blog titles. especially the overly descriptive blog titles. ive been told on more than one occasion that i have an active imagination, which, by the way, i think is code for 'check out the looney tune'. my current crackberry messenger profile currently has the kiddie character 'mr scatterbrain' and the words 'from chaos comes life. order often brings about habit.' s a representation of me. sometimes i just want to come up with titles and not even actually write anything......thats it! that is my new plan. just come up with silly titles to get the reader excited, then confuse him/her when there is nothing to read. except an exceptional title that is.

having said that, stay tuned for next week's post title: friends. if you cant disclose to them, who else can you eat snow cones with?

wow, i apologize for most of the above nonsense. im typing this with very little sleep and very much booze in my system. which of course means im in vegas. (pics and stories to come later) and the only reason im still here is because i missed my flight due the aforementioned sleep and liquor combo.

anyway, ive always been under the impression that to best know someone, you go through their medicine cabinet, underwear drawer, or any other so called 'private area'. so naturally thats what i told the lady in the room next to mine when she came back to her suite and i was rifling through her shizz. i told the cops this while heading to the station, but they didnt seem all that interested. i simply wanted to know my neighbor better but apparently, this behavior is frowned upon. like masterdebating on an airplane. (easiest movie quote ever!)

anyway, 6 hours later my boys finally posted bail. 6 HOURS LATER!! yeah loose slots my ass. when i got back to my room, i showered off the shame and sat down with my laptop. as im going through my blog pals, i came across miss lora's latest entry that showed a new take on getting to know people which doesnt involve potential jail time....yet again. it does involve studying the person in question's handwriting though. so ive decided to give it a shot mainly because its getting harder and harder to explain to my kids why daddy keeps having to 'go away'.

ahem, pardon the tiny handwriting and without further ado:

The Rules:

write the following
1) Your name/blog name.
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) Favorite letters to write.
4) Least favorite letters to write.
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) Write the following words in capital letters:
7) Write your favorite song lyric.
8) Tag people!
9) Any special note or picture.

sorry for the picture not being all that clear. well you know what most of 1-9 says, but the other stuff is:
top left reads- the scene of the crime(s) referring to the aria hotel.

top right reads- the best flavor skittle and of course the skittle is grape.

bottom right reads- pizza grease with an arrow pointing to said pizza grease.

#7 reads- my only fear is i have none, but this could honestly be different tomorrow or in 10 mins.

#9 reads 'you are an amazing father' which is a text i just got from the wife.....

aw shucks

i typically think faster than i write/type so i always leave words out. its like my brain and hand arent on the same page. along with that, i dont really do a thorough job of proofreading things that i type/write so alot of times i'll come back to something ive wrote and be like, 'what the hell? you sound like a moron.' anyway, thought you'd like to know the list i wrote out is actually the second attempt at it. usually when i leave stuff out of written things, its basically only me reading, but this time i was sharing my writing with you all and it got too messy because i noticed i left out a few words and the scribbling was cluttering up the place. consequently, thats also the reason for the pizza stain.

the skittle is just because i was eating them in between bites of pizza.........yes you heard me correctly.

i told yall i was in vegas


Alix said...


Yeah baby.

That little business about jail time had me snorting coffee. Seriously funny.

I want to do Lora's challenge too. Maybe today if my camera battery is charged. But how do we get the analysis?

And no offense, handsome as you are, you have serial killer handwriting.

Woot! Now sober up, will ya?

Lora said...

you are definitely in vegas, my friend.

I hope you are passed out by now.

this is priceless and hilarious and I'm so jealous that you have vegitis (that's what happens to your brain in vegas) and I'm at work.

Choleesa said...

WOW! and again I say WOW!! That Vegas....last time I was there, I ended up married.....
I hope you dont feel too bad when you wake up.

Small Town Girl said...

Ahhh....alcohol and of my favorite combos!

dlem59 said...

WTF? U REALLY shoulda made that flight…

bananas. said...

bwahahahaa!!! that whole shpeel on you thinking too fast, not proofreading and yadda yadda is ALL ME!!! i'm sure i've left you confused by some of my comments as i forget words all the time.

i figure it's a great brain exercise...if you can figure it out, you're one smart cookie.

especially after vegas.

ps. LOOOOOVE me some vegas.

K. Rock said...

This story is too wild to be true!!

No drunk driving, drunk texting, and please no drunk blogging. YOu could get yourself in trouble, my friend.

Wym said...

Thanks for following my blog. You seem as quirky as me and I am so happy to find that! I will follow too. The kids look cute as a speckled pup. You must be so proud.


you were def in vegas b/c now i feel like i am drunk eating pizza and skittles. shew-wee.

your wife and kids are GORG - lucky guy you are!

thanks for visiting and following me at the crib!

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