Monday, January 11, 2010

while rummaging thru old pics...

the other night i was going through the waaaay overdue process of loading all my pictures back into my computer. my computer crashed some time ago while driving drunk(hehe get it) and consequently i lost tons of music and photos. thankfully i keep all my disks handy and readily available to load back up in a jiffy. and by handy i mean scattered all over the place.

anyway, while waiting for each disk to finish loading, i saw pictures i forgot i had. pictures i wish i didnt have. and pictures that made me realize how fast my kids are growing. my kids are now 10, 8, and 6. the boy will be 7 in march and for some reason i like referring to him as 'the boy'.

**tangent alert**

you ever notice how the terms 'son' and 'daughter' arent interchangeable like other terms we use for family members?? hehe lemme explain ; )

while walking out of my son's room after putting him to bed, he always says 'goodnite dad. i love you'. when my wife walks out of the girls room, they both say 'goodnite mom. i love you'. so of course when we're walking out we say 'goodnite son. i love you too'. but while walking out of our girls rooms, we cant say, 'goodnite daughter??'.

**tangent over**(and that totally sounded like one of those 'deep thoughts, by jack handy' saturday nite live skits! please tell me you remember jack handy!

anyway, my point??...oh yeah, here are some good pics of the kids and other stuff i came across...

this is from london last year in one of those backwards riding taxi's...

christmas 2007

my rearview mirror on any typical day

at a museum in pittsburg a few years back with the kids looking very 'charlie's angel-ish'

in the backyard in texas a few years back. why is my son all ripped up??

my wife looking all hot and what not ; )

my baby girl!!!

i forgot all about this pic. it was taken the same day as my profile pic. for whatever reason, self portraits are weird but fun

i swear this girl should be modeling for the gap

i swear this boy should be locked up ; )

happy jelly...oh come on like you wouldnt take a picture if you opened jelly and it was smiling at you

stucco church buildings look creepy to me

i look in my rear view mirror and see what appears to be a cloudy wave about to engulf a mountain

the double decker bus in downtown dallas...hehe just kidding, its from iraq

well this one actually is from iraq.

this really is one of my favorite pics ever. i was there in feb '09 and this was in a blackhawk traveling from kuwait to iraq. thankfully he didnt have to shoot that thing but he did stay ready like that for a majority of the trip! amazing


Lora said...

well look who decided to come on out and show his face!

Also, it's nice to see some of the wife's tattoos. I love tattoos, and I'm constantly thinking about what to get next. My favorite thing is to look at other people's and get ideas of what and where I'm getting one next.

And I hear you about the old pictures thing. I'm at this weird crossroads right now where I have finally realized that the baby years are coming to an end, and even though I like that my boy (I call him "the boy" too) just keeps getting better with age, I know that's going to come to a grinding standstill one of these days.

diana said...

How can we forget him??? I check out his website all the time! : )

Kembree said...

Nice photos..glad you are back and now I"m FB friends with your wife! :)

sammy said...

lora- believe me, my wife has plenty of tats you could get ideas from! her entire back is done and has a sleeved arm...i had the same feeling intensified when my son started kindergarten which meant i had THREE kids in school

diana- i have a new favorite site!

kembree- thats right! i forgot she told me about your FB befriending.

Alix said...

I think I have a crush on you ALREADY Sammy. The way you love your kids, take photos of them {they're awesome btw}, tuck them in bed, kiss them goodnight, notice the son/daughter word usage inequality, etc.

But my favorite reason for falling in love with you is the way you love your wife. Calling her all hot and what not.

She is!

So happy Lora has brought us together. Telepathically high-fiving Lora and you.

See you tomorrow!

Sheliza said...

You have one nice looking family! Love all the photos and I agree you do have a hot wife :)

Ottavia said...

OMG! What gorgeous photos. I love the rearview mirror shot!!! Your family is beautiful to say the least...lucky man! =)

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