Thursday, January 14, 2010

pudding pops

im 32 and 33 is just about around the corner. ive also been married for 11 of those 32 years. i dont why i felt that was a good precursor to what im about share, but i did so whatever.

the other night, my wife of 11 years and i were about 15 seconds into a hanky panky session. i was just about to 2nd base when my wife starts to chuckle a little. a bit perplexed, the following conversation took place...

well actually, what i was really wearing at the time may shed light on the matter...

me- are you kidding me? whats so funny?

her- i cant kiss you when your dressed like that

me- (looking down noticing what she's talking about) oh. are you serious??

her- (still laughing some) no no, its fine

me- uhhh okay??

--i go back in for another smooch only to be interrupted by more laughing. so now im getting frustrated

her- i cant make out with you like this. i feel like im making out with bill cosby!

me- its not even going to help now if i take the thing off will it?

her- hahaha i dont know?!?! its too funny now!

so now im beyond frustrated. im pretty mad. im madder than a centipede w/ restless leg syndrome or a giraffe with strep. my wife is sitting here laughing at me and my outfit and it wouldnt even help if i was to change now because she's already in that silly mood thanks to my fashion faux pas.

note to self, if you plan on doing the horizontal square dance with your woman, dont resemble mr huxtable or its off to the cold shower for you my friend. and on that same page, women you should avoid looking like one of the golden girls.

well maybe except blanche


amy (metz) walker said...

HAHAHA! I can HEAR you saying the "Are you kidding me?" thing! Ya'll are hilarious...but I have to side with Leslie! You need to burn that outfit!

diana bradford said...

LOL. I don't know... I think that outfit is pretty awesome in a 40-year old virgin kinda way. Props to your wife for her honesty. : )

The Catons said...

so funny!!! and i would agree...looking like Cliff would be a huge mood killer!!!

Alix said...

Oh! I look like Blanche! I look like Blanche! And I LOVE Superman jammie bottoms and fake Henley snowman adorned tee-shirts! What do I win?

Dawn said...

TMI - you guys are so silly!

Lora said...

my friend has that shirt. It's funny. Not sexy.

Then again, I've been married/alive for as long as you guys have, and I'll take it anyway I can get it. Clown shoes and a red rubber nose might not even be an issue some days.

*Tanyetta* said...

The tables are turned. Tooooo Funny!!!

p.s. Does your wife wear a head scarf to bed? Do you have issues with it if she does?

dragyonfly said...

Hi SAmmy, love your blog...

When The Terminal Giggles hit.......well, everything is a ticklebone..
Well, not knowing your or anything, I will just say...
I think you should have stripped off the shirt and jumped up in your superman pjs on the bed(or table or whatever) and struck an impressive manly pose,fist thrust skyward and shouted, "up up and away"
Well, it MIGHT have worked.

At any rate, Im with lora. Any which-a way you can get it.

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