Thursday, January 28, 2010

for 2 reasons

i have two objectives in mind with this post:

1) first is to inform you guys and gals that i have joined a cult and have started another blog. the cult im speaking of is called 'oh, the urbanity' which was created by miss lora over at fever. if you dont know by just should. my blog is titled none other than, peanut butter plus jelly. as a member of the cult, you must post pictures from in and around your respective hometown. feel free to mosey on over and click to follow that page as well if you like. lemme know what you think.

2) THAT site wont have any random barbs about the staleness of ramen noodles or any other nonsense i can think of. those nuggets of foolishness are strictly relegated to THIS site. having said that, i was able to slip in one jab worthy of this pages tastes. in the profile section, you have the option to be asked a random question, and your answer to said question, posted there in your profile. they are all silly and random questions designed to add some humor or fun to your page. i was given the question 'create a tagline for a new line of plastic bedsheets'. first off, i gotta add that that ISNT EVEN A QUESTION, secondly heres exactly what i came up with for my profile to say. asked for it!... 'whether you urinate, perspirate, or ahem, replicate on them, we bet you cant stain or muck em up! guaranteed or your money and fluids back!


Lora said...

we are a collective of like minded thinkers. not a cult.

there is a difference.

I can't wait to check it out!

Alix said...

Oh that Lora... she's a brilliant one. And only slightly less genius than your plastic bed sheet tagline. But less only by a hair.

Sorry Lora... when you're beat, you're beat. LOL!

Sheliza said...

awesome I will check it out! I love me some foolishness :)

Riley Kai said...

Have not heard of it before, but going there to take a look now:-)

*Tanyetta* said...

i am going to check it out!!

dlem59 said...

just when i think you cant get any worse, you prove me wrong!! hilarious!!

lin said...


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