Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new york city

first off, i cant say 'new york city' w/o saying it like that old hot sauce commercial when one of the cowboys exclaims 'this stuff was made york city!?!?'. as if to say that one of the most culturally diverse places in the world couldnt whip up a great hot sauce. but i digress.

hehe anyways, i was in new york city over the past weekend with the wife and kids in tow. we drove up with another couple and their kids and while there i realized at least two things:

1- i could not would not, live in new york. or new jersey for that matter but thats for totally different reasons. i couldnt live in new york because i simply cannot walk that much, the parking is ridiculous, and im not a jerk driver. i would not live in jersey because thats where jersey shore is based and i dont want any affiliations with that show or its cast.

2- i like taking pictures and if i could go to any five cities to mosey around snap at will i'd choose: new orleans, philly, chicago, somewhere out west and random like cheyenne, wyoming, and after the weekend i have to add new york to the list.

i did take some pictures but its hard to go off and get the right shots while keeping the kids safe from the locals stampeding about madison ave and new york cabbies.

we all made our way to the minskoff theatre to see the expensive...ahem i mean, exemplary play 'the lion king'. i knew my girls would dig it, but i was moderately worried my son would burp or pass gas at 'just the wrong time'. not that there is any good time for your child to break wind in public, but i just knew he would do it just as mufasa was dying or during some other sentimental moment like that.

but surprisingly he did well with it all. the only time he got restless was just before intermission but hell i was restless and ready for more wine. there was a bar in the lobby but to drink alcohol you had to drink it in the lobby or do as my wife and i did...drink it from one of the sippy cups they sold the kiddie drinks in. nothing says classy like drinking a nice merlot through a bendy straw.

before we got into the theatre, we were sitting down in the lobby eating candy and drinking wine when i noticed a guy in the corner doing push ups. he was in slacks and a button down so i figured he was part of the show and was trying to 'pump up'. when we took our seats, i saw this same fellow a few rows up sitting and ready for the start of the show. i thought, 'i guess he's going to get out during the middle as part of an audience participation type thing. kinda like they do in vegas shows.' well he sat there all the way to intermission. maybe he'll spring to action after that i thought. while out re-filling our sippy cups and taking my son to the bathroom to stretch his legs, we saw said guy in the same corner doing jumping jacks...yes jumping jacks. now i dont know what the hell to think. his brow was gaining sweat and he was still in his button down and slacks, but the likelihood of him being part of the show is, well, not likely. anyway, long story short, i guess he was some meathead guy who gets inspired by the lion king to pump up??

very weird.


Riley Kai said...

So funny! (and the guy doing push-ups...kind of creepy!)

diana said...

Mufasa dies????!!!! Thanks for ruining The Lion King for me! Ass. ; )

ellen abbott said...

NYC is a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Well, maybe if I was in my 20s and single.

You have some great looking kids there.

I just wanted to say thanks for joining me on my blog.

John David Tisdale said...

Maybe it's all that running you have to do that makes you adverse to walking. You'll have to do a lot of walking out west though to get good photos.

NYC isn't my thing. I'm social but not that social. Can I get a little elbow room folks?

Hope to see you and the family again.

*Tanyetta* said...

that is too funny! i would have laughed and probably asked this guy what his problem was. LOL

Lora said...

you drove? don't you live in texas? that's brave, my friend.

And Philadelphia is great for bumming and snapping. Which is why I have a whole blog devoted to it!
Someone just started a Chicago Urbanity. I don't know why there isn't a NYC one. I need more people copy me on the internets.

Deb O said...

I grew up there, you are lucky, seems liked you were on there on a calm day... :-)

dragyonfly said...

NEW Yoke CITY??? Get the rope!

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