Wednesday, December 23, 2009

our own thing

one of things i love about family and christmas time is creating our own traditions and memories. i remember growing up and my brother and i would really get into decorating the christmas tree. i mean REALLY get into it. i mean we damn near over did it. so much so, that when we were teenagers and the 'feeling' had somewhat passed, we looked back at how we used to over decorate our tree and we actually likened to a hooker. we honestly had enough tinsel and mangled lights to make santa cuss.

one tradition we started is that out tree goes up dec. 1. ahem, well close to that anyway. when we decorate, our tree typically has all the decorations centralized at the bottom portion. this mainly is because our kids focus on this one area till we tell them to share the wealth. then we get tired of feeling 'bossy' so we let them do what they wish with the poor tree and then we rearrange after they've went to bed...well only somewhat because we also like the fact that all my son's decorations (ie cars, transformers, star wars etc) are sorta in one bunch. anyway, this is our tree as it stands now. actually there's tons of presents under there now, but this is how it looked within the first couple days of being put up...

kinda puny looking i know, but it does the trick and the kids have fun putting up all their stuff plus we have them make about 5 ornaments each out of laminated construction paper and a bunch of other add ons they choose from target. i also have my own ornaments i make sure go on there. again, you can completely see that this is NOT my parents tree. mainly because i have a pair of christmas dice on the tree. there's also some kinda nerdy stuff i like. i like star wars and have ornaments i chose myself.

these are some pics of the kids from a christmas party we went to the other night. of course my son cant take a 'regular' picture.

miss jadyn

miss kiera

mr sammy (actually wearing one of my ties)

all of them choosing their own tree to pose in front of

and last but not least, i SWEAR this is the actual christmas card we sent out to everyone. we almost paired this card with a 'normal' pic inside, but opted to stick with this doozie. so if you didnt get a card its probably bc i dont know you know you or because...ahem its in the mail ; )



Lora said...

I got my husband Star Wars bedsheets for christmas. Pottery barn kids did a vintage remake of the originals, and they make them in queen size. He's gonna flip.

sammy said...

I actually used to put star wars figures on my wall. In their packaging and all.
And of course by saying 'used to' I mean just up until a few years ago.
They're now relegated to just being in my office or gameroom.

I have tons of trinkets star wars related. I'm pretty much a geek

amy (metz) walker said...

I second that you are a total Star Wars geek! ...and speaking of total geeks, DW and I laughed and laughed when we got your card this year! In fact, it's on our fridge and I laugh whenever I pass it. Tell the fam hi! I can't believe how big the kids are!!!

diana said...

Holy crap I LOVE your Christmas card picture! Hilarious!

Karen Mikulas said...

Sammy, I love that family pic! I saw it on Leslie's FB and laughed for probably a good hour or 2! I like your tree, who wants one that looks like it came from some designer's showroom anyway! I hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas at least before Leslie's surgery! Hope ya'll have a blessed 2010

The Catons said...

I just spit out my coffee when I saw your pic!!! so freakin' funny!!!

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