Sunday, November 1, 2009

field study

the other night, the mrs and i were looking to hang out spend some time together without the likes of messy peanut butter jelly sandwiches, jonas brothers cd's, lego's, and, well, pretty much parenting in general. we decided we would grab a quick bite then head to the movies. pf changs is ALWAYS busy but we hadnt had their lettuce wraps in a while so figured, what the hell, we'll call it in, pick it up and listen to music while we eat in the car. hey who says romance is dead ; )

a few wraps and a messy middle console later, we headed to peep the movie saw 26. i mean saw 66. well whatever the movie is where they've had a bunch of and i cant figure out how the old guy is still alive, thats the one we went to. at any rate, the movie was decent and the wife and i went through a bottle of wine and i had the peanut m&m's. please believe when i tell you nothing says stomach pain and the pink stuff like wine and m&m's.

as we sat in the theater planning our future movie going by critiquing ALL the previews we saw, i started to think...just what is it about the movie theater that makes it a good place to take a date?? i mean you cant even really converse. well unless you want to be a lame ass butt sniffer!**slight tangent alert** so what is it about the movies that turns regular people into regular asswipes?! i mean really, there is no need to laugh that loud or announce yourself when you walk into the theater and spot the group of flunkies your meeting. i hate THOSE people, but i seems to me the best that can come out a movie date, without risking a(nother) night in jail mind you(wink wink), is holding a young ladies hand or sharing a variety of artery clogging snacks ie a bucket of popcorn coughcholesterolcough.

so here's my plan, or should i say, research project. im going to get a sitter and the mrs' and i will venture out to borders book store or maybe barnes and noble if she's good. we will get chai tea and biscotti bars then sit side by side...and read. the same book of course. not even out loud. just sit, read, sip, crunch, read. we would even hold hands while we read our books, although that could get aggravating while trying to turn pages.

i wonder how this date would turn out. i personally think its a crock of poo, but supposing what people say is true, 'the book is always better', im sure we'd have a grand ol' time.


Lora said...

I'm with you on all this. It's so damned hard to date your spouse.

We end up on the couch most nights. In front of a Netflixed movie and eating take out.

Also, no big story with the TX magnet. I went to Houston once and picked it up at CVS!

Melissa said...

I hate when the movie is already rolling and people come in, stand at the end of the stairs and yell, "Sharon! You in here?! SHARON!"

You'd have to really convince me that SAW books are better than the movies... ;)

The Catons said...

when the post started...and I read the part about the pbj' mind immediately went to this post of yours:

and I thought...oh lord...where is this going?!?!?!

but alas...I was wrong. And let me know how that project works know, so if I ever get a chance to go on a date with Caton, we will know what we need to do :-)

sammy said...

lora- yeah really. we end up watching tv once the kds go to bed, then she dozes off bc im an owl...crap, i was expecting a story of wranglers, the alamo, and davy crockett

mel- exactly what i hate!...maybe if the books had pictures. in color. maybe even 3D ; )

he catons- haha i forgot about that! im sure i could have went there had i posted later in the evening or had some wine ; )...i'll be sure to let you know

The Rambler said...

I'm totally catching up on your posts. I was wondering the same thing the other night when going on a rare movie night with friends. Why were we there where we couldn't talk (without being shushed?)

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