Monday, October 26, 2009

its monday somewhere...wait what??

2 posts ago i posted something about ramen noodles and a few other bits of nonsense that actually cross my mind.

upon posting, i realized at least 2 things: 1, i gotta stop drinking and posting simultaneously. 2, i should make a list of 10 things we SHOULD HAVE never heard, but apparently we unfortunately did!...yeah thats it!...

damn libations ; )

anyway, without further ado, the official list of 10 things we SHOULD HAVE never heard, but unfortunately did...(well someone did and the rest of us were forced to experience the torture)

1) 'reality shows are awesome, lets create another!!!'

2) 'okay Wendy's, meet bacon...bacon, meet Wendy's'

3) 'hey guys, there's this new texting language thats not annoying at all! check it out!...hey u goin 2 da show 2day or 2mrw? lemme kno sum time l8ter 2day. K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) 'great! really good work guys. the first minivan is now complete'

5) 'damn bro, you are wearing those skinny jeans!!'

6) 'nonsense mr trump, your hair looks amazing!'

7) 'uhh, i disagree. i dont think ANOTHER vampire show is excessive'

8) 'okay singing career, meet heidi montag...singing career heidi'

9) 'why is there a bag of jiffy pop floating through the sky??'

and last but not least

10) 'ive got an idea, just take a lot off the front and do not touch the back.' --the wearer of the first mullet


The Rambler said...

laughing my *%&$ off!!

(too scared to type LMAO...) teehee.

Loved the post! Randomness sometimes provides great reading material :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Riley Kai said...

Sammy, you wouldn't know me but my hubby played with you at Tech (Rex Richards) I follow Amy's blog and stalk your's all the time as well:-) Soooo Funny! We enjoy reading!

The Catons said...

so funny!!! I was literally laughing out loud...and the people at my office we getting alittle concerned!!

And we dont play Tech until the 2011 season...I think. But a bet will def be in the works!!! :-) (I mean, the way our seasons are going, we could meet in the Big 12 Championship, right??? - a girl can dream...)

Melissa said...

What if legumes could text?! Can you even imagine what that language would look like?!

THANK you for calling out skinny jeans. I contend, though, that they don't look good on either sex. Guys is definitely worse, but the ladies ain't too hot either. They are SO frickin repulsive! Really and seriously, no one wants to see that.

To such offenders: Your spindly, knob-kneed legs? Your bitch-hips? Or, for the love, the load it looks like you're carrying around in your drawers?! Gives me the chills thinking about it! Tighten the laces of your skater shoes, take what you call bangs but what is really a glorified comb-over, and your purple and black zip-up hoodie and march yourself into the next 'trend.' Pleeeease! It's gotta be better than skinny jeans! Gosh, I mean, you could even bring back the carpenter jeans with the hammer hook and throw Tommy's flag on it again and I would be happy.

Don't even get me started about how, when they run, they have to hold onto the backs of those despicable things because they are under the impression that their pants are falling down...They never WERE UP BECAUSE THEY DON'T FIT!!!! Ahhhhh!

Lora said...

ha ha!
I'm glad you're making some time for posting these past few days

Melissa said...

Oh, and curious: are you working for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? This blog, or should I say blizzle, looks like something from the depths of your mind...

Kembree said...

It drives me nuts when texters us 'da' for the. I don't know why, it just does. It's only one more letter.

dlem said...

its amazing how you touch on the three things i love the most, skinny jeans (or brotha's WEARING skinny jeans), mullets, and minivans. Why is it that moms love them and dads always look pissed off that they have to drive one? i once made a lady at a rental car place go and borrow another car so i didnt have to drive one! i got a rep to maintain.

sammy said...

rambler-- im actually okay with: lol, lmao, btwn, even 'ur' is acceptable. maybe i should make a post listing the acceptable and unacceptable! ; )

riley-- you HAVE to tell rex i said hello! im following yours as well

caton-- big 12 championship? maybe next year ; )

melissa- haha, legumes! (inside joke) i really really really cant stand them on guys. they look like they're about 3 seconds from a yeast infection! (sorry i know thats gross)

lora- im trying. i get inspired by yours...well that and the vodka ; )

kembree-- yeah i havent the slightest as to why thats done. i guess people need their convenience??

devin-- i hear ya on all that. i swear folks in minivans are the ones doing like 60 mph in a 20 or 20 mph in 60!

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