Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i bet my wife and kids will be soooo...surprised when they open their christmas gift! who wouldnt want a sculpture of an apparent 4 year old breast-feeding?? he's gotta be four AT LEAST, i mean his hair is parted.

i got some new bed pants the other day and i cant wait for it to start getting cold at nights so i dont have that gross feeling one feels as sweat and fleece are paired. i feel like a kid on christmas morning when i put them on. which is a nice change to being the 32 year old quasi adult i actually am.

i actually used the term 'bally-who' the other day...like on purpose. i weighed all my other options and chose bally-who. im thinkin' im going to lay off on my dictionary reading for a spell. maybe sit this one out

$6.50 is the absolute maximum any normal person should spend at taco bell. anything more than that is bordering gluttonous behavior.

the phrase 'easy as pie' is kinda misleading. pie is not an easy fix. maybe the phrase should read 'easy as buying a pie'.

other than a family member or close friend, do male baby-sitters, out of high school, exist?

we got our daughters bunk beds the other day and i got to thinking. i wish they made adult bunk beds...or at least not look at me funny for inquiring about it.

so i suppose im fancy now. fancy is the only way to accurately describe a person who eats hummus. hummus is made from chickpeas and is used as a dip for chips and vegetables like carrots, celery, etc. i mean who would have thought that a chickpea would have any other use other than giving us a better alternative to being forced to call them 'broad-peas'.

the other day i saw one of those ultra cheesy, terribly low budget lawyer commercials where they promise outlandish money and court cases will go your way and boldly say their name with some descriptive term that is supposed to make them appear macho. (ie joe the hammer, or mike the bulldog, etc) these commercials are way to high in numbers for my taste and that got me to thinking. there's alot of them for a reason and one of those is that other lawyers apparently see these commercials and think 'hey, i should setup my camera phone and make me one!' i then got to thinking again and wondered, do these lawyers go to 'regular law school' or like junior college law school?...quick, how do you keep a lawyer from drowning?...shoot him before he hits the water!


Melissa said...

Wow, you are in rare form today!!

Where was this statue you acquired?! That's an artist to watch!

Heh, you used the verb 'bordering' in reference to Taco Bell. :)

What circumstances would ever call for the use of Bally-who?!

The Catons said...

#1. Those Atari pants rock!!! I used to love playing Atari with my Dad...nothing compares to Pac-Man on the Atari.

#2. That statue freaks me out a bit!!! I mean, I'm all for nursing your babies...WHILE THEY ARE BABIES!!! But when they can walk up, ask for some milk, and pull your shirt up by themselves...its time to call it quits!!!

Dawn said...

You are so silly. By the way, Whole Foods makes the BEST hummus!

Diana said...

Really?! Who says "bed pants?" : ) Haha

sammy said...

melissa- i try. i would NEVER purchase that thing. i saw it somewhere. of course you would pick up on my purposely using 'border'. and i wish i could remember the convo, but it was with my brother.

the catons- they're pretty comfortable too! i love all the old school games and galaga is my favorite!

dawn- i know i know ; )...ive gotta try theirs so i can be 'really fancy'

diana- hahaha touche'. that sounds like something my brother would say!

The Rambler said...

Totally digging the Atari PJ's. Did you get the Mrs. a matching pair?

Agreed on the $6.50 Taco Bell boundary line.

YES...THANK YOU. Pie.is.not.easy. Maybe to eat..yes?

Interesting...I think the guys only come with their girlfriends like a package deal if babysitting is involved :)

Most excellent post my friend!

Oh and your family is absolutely gorgeous!!

dlem said...

funny that you have those pants, titled the post "hummus" and talked about eating it. go the website stuffwhitepeoplelike.com and just read up on it a bit. i check back frequently when i need a laugh or some ammo to fire while at work. btw, hummus is one of the thinks listed. hmmmmmmm

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