Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i used to like the show 'three's company' but not enough to explain my dream the other night. janet and i were parachuting from a plane??

speaking of unnecessary letters, who's idea was it to put letters in math problems?? i remember thinking 'i thought i was in math class not english!'

is it just me or are those prius commercials sick, creepy, and the opposite of enticing


i went to the vitamin store the other day, or should i say, vitamin shoppe?? shoppe? whats that all about?

there's a pretty good chance that i may be alone in this, but you ever notice how pretty much all girls names suit them even while they're children? in my opinion, there are some mens names that arent bad or silly, but they are hard to picture that same name belonging to a young child. basically, the name sounds like its just for adults. examples would be: barry, gary, chester, doug, earl, etc...

while blog surfing, i came across a post that somehow had me thinking about words with silent letters. ie knee, gnat, etc...just why on earth would someone plant silent letters in front of words? who decides which words get the silent treatment anyway?...ah well, i gotta grun now because i khave to go gpick the nkids up from kschool.


Kembree said...

I'm with you on the commercials! They are pretty cool if you think about all the costuming, choreagraphy, etc. I know some of the people are digitally reproduced but still..I wonder if I look like a Kembree, bc there are not that many!!

Lora said...

having grown up with my best friend named Martha, I'll vouch for that theory. She was always a Martha, but not in the way one would think.

also, we have a Vitamin Shoppe here too, as if all the olden timey settlers shopped there.

joanne said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds those Prius commercials disturbing. I have to mute the TV every single time. Just. Plain. Freaky.

Diana said...

Janet, huh? Chrissy seems to be the obvious choice...maybe even Mr. Furley. But dreaming of Janet? I am pretty sure that means you are a freak. : )

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