Monday, November 23, 2009

food coma induces excessive shopping

with another thanksgiving looming, that can only mean another phenomenon follows. black friday. its the day where people have just eaten entirely too much, so naturally spending too much is the obvious follow up.

its a day where people flock to the malls to buy crap they dont need but still claim to have saved money. i guess i think thats what most people do anyway. i seriously doubt a majority of people have a washer breakdown, for example, in july and think 'oh i'll just do without till black friday'. i doubt very many people are filling 'a need' when they descend upon the doors of their favorite stores.

the whole thrill of the day escapes me and has about as much relevance as those giant jawbreakers. i have a hard time seeing the draw to camping outside a store for several hours, sometimes in terrible conditions, to save a few bucks and trample the feeble in the process.

a few years ago i heard about a walmart in florida that opened their doors to a slew of deal seekers and in the process a few people were run over. and by run over i mean footprints on their skulls leaving them in hospital. the thing about the story that really tripped me out was that a few people were complaining...about walmart that is! one woman interviewed said she was upset walmart didnt do enough to protect them. walmart? protect you? i dont know what all walmart could do to protect them except maybe post signs that read, 'to all of you waiting outside like wolves on a bloody carcass, please refrain from stepping on any faces on your way to huge blowout deals we have on digital cameras and those bagel sized toasters.'

i dont know exactly what my deal is with the whole ordeal, but theres just something gruesome about seeing people mob a place, and people possibly, to 'kinda save' a few dollars on crap they normally wouldnt consider if it wasnt the day after thanksgiving.


The Rambler said...

I'm so with you on this.

I'm one of them freak woman that hasn't mapped out the store in order of importance. (my sis does...but someone's gotta do it I guess, right?)

Lora said...

I'm with you on this too.
Instead of "saving" a few dollars, crazy people, how about you just don't spend it in the first place?

Anonymous said...

First off thanks for mentioning Walmart. I'm trying to lose some weight and you just helped me get rid of my breakfast.

We use this phrase in our family " the deal was so good. I couldn't afford to not buy it". How's that for rationalizing spending money on something you don't "need"?

Riley Kai said...

Rex actually tried the "stay out in line all night to get the great deal at Best Buy" once. It ended with him nearly getting in a fight in the parking lot:-) We now opt to pay the "normal" prices!

dlem said...

last year my wife and i tried the black friday deals. we left the house around 4:30 in the a.m. and waited in line for the hour it took for the stores to open. we spent more than ever before and actually got less than before. not to mention all the "wonderful" gifts we got for the kids that had been lost or forgotten about by the end of january!! never again my friend....

Lora said...

hey now, where did that last post go?

I've got a 3 year old that sounds a lot like your 6yo in all departments except my kid is totally neurotic about cleanliness. Too bad for him my husband and I are not neurotic at all!

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