Monday, May 3, 2010

im the stranger you ought to listen to

in my last post, i mentioned how terrible kesha was as a musician. i feel like im dirtying up the word musician in using it to reference miss kesha. i also feel like im dirtying up the dollar sign by using it in her name, as she spells it, so ive since refused to type it to reference her. anyway, i really do find her music crappy (you dont understand, i really need to crap when i hear her) but its not only her music that makes my ears feel as if a brillo pad has been rubbed against them. there are unfortunately tons and gobs of people who simply have less talent than yoda's use of a boner.

i guess thats just the state of music today. its more about image than actually being able to sing worth a rip. i guess to look at the glass as half full, the fact that the music industry isnt really about music DOES make real artists stand out more. having said that, my wife and i absolutely love and adore corinne bailey rae. if you arent familiar with her, you should take my advice and give her a listen. and yes you should take my advice. just think of me as the stranger waiter who suggests what you should have for dinner even though i dont know you. her music style is a beautiful mix of jazz, blues, r&b, and neo-soul. to make an artist comparison, she's between norah jones and alicia keys.

my wife and i had the pleasure of not only seeing her in concert at the house of blues, but getting to meet her after the show. i love it when artists sound just as good in person so we were happy to hear her sweet voice echo through the standing room only crowd. getting to meet her was even better than hearing her sing. i mean what a sweet sweet woman. i think one of the few things she has in common with chelsea handler is how they both smile with their entire face.

all in all, it was a great show and a great night (thats what she said). she really is one of the few artists out that i would buy their cd without questioning or having to listen to it first. i would buy it simply because she had one out. this is us after the show. you'll have to excuse me looking tired as hell. i look tired as hell because thats how i look after drinking too much ; )

during my recent, short leave of absence, i mentioned going to visit family, get a tattoo, and a certain child of mine walking into a certain bedroom, while my wife and i were doing a certain 'dance'. i said i would post some pics before armageddon soon so i figure i better get to it before satan's army leaves Washington DC hell and prepares for battle.

here is my newest nephew. in my brothers words, 'this is my lil boy! he's gangsta!' i swear this baby boy looks so much like my oldest daughter as a baby. holding him took me back to the days of diapers and late night feedings. this is where my wife found me somewhat helpful, because i figured i may as well be productive while staying up at all hours of the night. it also reminded me of the first piece of parenting wisdom my mom gave me when my first daughter was born.

mom- i dont think you're ready for kids

me- you're probably right, but who is?

mom- i dont think you understand the depth of parenting.

me- you're probably right but who does?

mom- well do you know you have to change their diaper EVERY TIME?

me- you mean i cant flip it inside out?

mom- NO! are you crazy?!

me- so i guess theres no underwear they can wear just yet either huh?

mom- absolutely not!

me- can i put the diaper in the washing machine? or maybe the dishwasher?

mom- i feel sick...

me- well before you throw up, tell me a good time to start them on solid foods? like steaks and shit? 1 month? 2?

and here is my son messing with his uncle. im just saying, it is in your best interest to NOT fall asleep before my son. he's a great kid, but im just sayin'.

just so you know, i had the hardest time (thats what she said) trying to take this pic and NOT look and feel like some myspace hoochie. i still feel like i failed though. the newest tattoo is the one across my chest. it reads, 'everybody dies but not everybody lives.' i'll talk more about our other tattoos and show off some of my wifes artwork very soon. (she's really talented)
anyway, my wife and i are really big into tattoos and, believe it or not, she has more than i do. she's actually kicking around the idea of being a tattoo artist herself. i told her that i will obviously be her first gig and the tattoo will read 'my first tattoo' along with the date. this one here didnt hurt too bad except for when he had the needle point on my effing sternum. i could feel the vibrations all the way into my throat.....and that my what she said.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little baby! Beautiful! Corrine Bailey Rae is a great singer, I agree. Puts that "other person" to shame.

Allyson & Jere said...

I can totally agree with you on Corrine Bailey Rae and I don't even freaking listn to music. But, I do like her. Also agreed, the "stars" of music out there are crap.

Have I told you yet, your wife is really beautiful. The first time I saw her pic on your side bar, I thought she looked like Leona Lewis. Just sayin.

Finally, that baby is truly adorable! Thanks for sharing pics. Oh, and thanks for commenting on the ol' blog.

Sheliza said...

As always, I can truly appreciate your randomness. Loving the cute baby and the celeb pic with your drunk tail haha. The tatt is nice ;)

The Catons said...

like the new tat!!! and yes, please show us more...the hubs and I are into tattoos...I only have one (in remembrance of my father), but its a rather large one (thats what she said!) especially for my first one...but I love it.

Caton has a few...and has big plans to get more.

Wym said...

i'm guessing your kid smacked him shortly after the pic?
Nice Tatto, Im considering a new one myself. Something inspirational and cynical all at the same time. Ideas?
I am truly irked my the lack of decent music right now, I feel like it is 1995...

Anonymous said...

i haven't listened to ms. bailey ray (rae?) but i'll take your word for it. i love neo-soul, it's really all i buy. maxwell has my heart. the husband and i saw him in concert years ago and it was just the most lovely time.

i want a tattoo; i'm scared though.

Glamazon said...

Ah yes, I do love Corrine Bailey. Your wife is so beautiful! And yes, that does look like a myspace hoochie pic, but how else are you going to show off your tat? :)

Lizzi said...

I just pandora'd Corinne Bailey Rae...How is it I'm just hearing about her? Love her!

Tats...intriguing but my pain threshold is -10. I wish I wasn't such a wimp.

Linda Medrano said...

Corrine is the bomb! That lady has it all! Beauty, talent, and that extra something too. Love her. I also love Amy Winehouse (when she's sober she's the best), and I'm almost afraid to admit this to you, Sammy, but Lady Gaga rocks! She does dumb videos, but she's a performance artist and I really love her stuff! Most of them are so untalented (Madonna, J Lo, even the Janet leaves me cold.) Love the tat! You rock! (And, oh my that wife of yours!) Pretty babies run in your family, huh?

Mr. Stupid said...

Corrine Bailey Rae is a nice singer. About the other singer, I have never heard of her!:)
You guys managed to take a picture with her? That's cool!
And good luck with the Tattoo mission...

I am your newest follower. Have a good day!

Small Town Girl said...

That's awesome that you got to meet CBR. I don't know who she is, but I'll def have to check her out. Your nephew....oh how precious is he! If they decide they don't want to keep him and just ya know give him to a complete stranger then holla at your girl! The tat looks good. My husband is hounding me for us to go get new ones. Neither of us have had one in years. I just need to lose a little extra me so I can actually show it off. Maybe we'll get em when we go to Mexico this summer...who knows!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I love the tattoo. I really like the saying as well. Good job!

I have to agree with Kesha - her song is infectious but not in a good way. It's EVERYWHERE right now, and while I can deal with it - if I was at a club I would dance to it. I wouldn't call her a true ARTIST or musician by any means... at all.

*melted over the nephew*

Salt said...

That tattoo is STUNNING. I LOVE it. It looks like you have a lot of fantastic work done! I can't wait to get my next one. (Likely a quarter sleeve and then my mother will promptly kill me.)

Your new nephew is SO adorable! Thank goodness you got some fine parenting tips from your mom.

And I won't even give Kesha the time of day. Or insult the dollar sign by using it in her name. But I WILL check out Corinne Bailey Rae. I love Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, so I imagine that I'll think she's tops. :)

Cheeseboy said...

I like the tattoo. Much cooler than the butterfly on my lower back.

Interesting on music today. I have totally given up on listening to the radio. The stuff I am into (indie rock) is not played on the radio at all but is 30 times better. And that disgusts me.

Your son is a hoot!

bananas. said...

a "myspace hoochie"?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

yea you basically are in that pic but the tat is clean. i like what it says...very clever.

i too refuse to spell kesha with the dollar sign. it's not only stupid. it's hella stupid.

never listened to corinne. i only know that one song they used to play on the radio. it was cute.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little one... and Corrine if FAB!!

Dr. Heckle said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with showing some tattoos and cleavage! :P

Linda Medrano said...

I have a little something for you! Happy Mama's Day to your beautiful wife!

Rainy Daisy said...

best "that's what she said" EVER!

dude, you are hilarious!

*Tanyetta* said...

I have one tattoo of a fish. I know, very boring. *lol*

Anastasia said...

I love her. very soulful.

That baby is too cute.

And we all know you are a myspace hoochie. Just own it already.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

I like your attitude.
I can count to 10 by 5s...
Very, very cool.
Meet me Upstairs someday, bro.
Let's gitta BIG-OL-BEER.
Gotta lotta tok about.
Cya soon, Pops...

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