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first things first, long story short, ive been away. not real sure where ive been, but suffice to say...ive been away. it feels like ages since i lasted posted. i guess it feels like that because it has been forever since i made my way to my laptop and shared the drivel that consumes my dome piece (aka brain). ive been away longer than a dyslexic turtle reading war & peace and its really frustrating. i always feel like i have crap good stuff to post, but often life gets in the way of me sitting down to formulate my excessive thoughts.

anyhoo, now that ive re-introduced myself to my blizzle (blog) and hopefully stayed in good standing with those who choose to even read what i have to say. to those who do read, i really apologize for being away. i mean i REALLY REALLY apologize. (i said it twice and put it in caps so i'd be really convincing...because i am. im more apologetic than a rabbit with ED)....what does that even mean?? enough with the whining and what not, its time to get down to business....(thats a blogging term for 'its time to start whining and write something ya bum')

being away is one thing. being away and coming back to an award is another. but being away and coming back to two awards is right up there with: skee ball, smooth snow cones, using alliteration and spandex (on a hot woman that is. because on ANYONE else its just wrong wrong wrong. the lone exception might be lance armstrong.)

this is just the position i found myself in (thats what she said) upon my arrival. the lovely linda blessed me with the sunshine award and the star gazing star child handed me the versatile blogger award. needless to say this makes me 'crunk'. i know people have differing views of these awards, and thats fine, but i love receiving them. the whole reason i started blogging was to rid my brain of all these damn cobwebs and other muck hear other peoples thoughts on my writing because i'd like to write screenplays when i grow up, and as much as i adore this lady living with me, (aka wife) her sole opinion cannot be trusted. and trust me i quite literally need the affirmation because if i wrote everything that stumbled through my brain, i'd have about 10 followers and 8 of those would be blogs i would have created just so i could follow myself.

as with all awards, they come with rules. generally speaking i follow rules and by 'generally' i mean 'when i feel like it.' i think im supposed to share the wealth with 12 others for the sunshine award and 15 for the versatile award. i think that is waaaay too many so i'll pick choose as i see fit. dont judge me. the versatile award thing also states that i must state 7 stateworthy things about myself. of course i must link back to them and the only thing you have to do is go and check them out. trust me you wont be sorry.

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world. these are the chosen ones:

amy- i know amy beyond this keyboard and screen. we went to school together and she is one of the few who would still follow my page if i were to write all that crossed my mind...maybe

star child- a great sense of humor, funny ass stories, and a variety of topics are found on star childs page.

the glamorous life of hausfrau- a relatively new find for me, but when i clicked on her page, i was hooked. and fyi, PLEASE PLEASE stop by her page tomorrow!! you will not be disappointed and thats all im saying. hehe

the catons- fittingly, sunshine is what i think of when i stop in for a visit.

texas britches- she's from texas....not that i should have to say anything else other than that, but she is hilarious and a great sense of she has mr t on her page and she's from texas.

mommywood- miss brittney holds the distinction of teaching me the strike thing and i couldnt me more happy that she did. i was driving myself crazy trying to figure that damn thing out. you have got to stop by her page simply because she's hilarious and sunshiny

lizzi- a great photographer and writer. i love reading her random thoughts because they make mine less lonely.

kat- nobody uses the f-bomb better!! she's like the samuel jackson of blogdom and thats all im saying!!!

and most importantly, thank you linda for sharing the wealth. you have really got to stop by. it does not matter the topic she chooses to write on, you will love it and keep coming back for more. (that. is. what. she. said.)

the recipients for the versatile baller award are:

alix- no doubt you will enjoy your stay at alix's page. what a crazy, wild, and hilarious woman. it is impossible to stop by and not enjoy your stay.

lora- if versatility were humps, she'd be a camel pregnant with quadruplets. not quite sure that makes sense, but trust me, you will get feverish with delight by reading her words.

terry- oh terry, terry, terry. what a clown! that is a good thing mind you and let me tell you, stopping by is definitely good for the soul, because you will laugh your ass off. she is also the first to break my blogging award cherry and i will forever be indebted.

glamazon- as if her title wasnt enough clue of her awesomeness, her page is twice as better than her name. she is also host to the only meme i can 'handle'. the friday confessional has been the honey to my tea for some time now.

linda- this is the same miss linda that gave me the sunshine award. you never know what you are going to read on her page. she has a wise ass husband that she says im similar to and that makes her a-okay in my book. never a dull moment and a great read.

salt says- a relatively new find for me, but it didnt take long to find out she is one hilarious lady!...oh and she gets extra points for her tattoo obsession as well

bananas- simply stated, she is bananas and out of her a good way of course. she also gets the extra points for the tat obsession thing...oh and the drinking thing

OTV- warning: do not go to her page if you have bad grammar....well you can and should still stop by because your laughter will make you forget the berating you will receive. seriously, she is hilarious and actually reminds me of chelsea handler...except she's not blonde...or white...nor is she a drinker.....BUT she is hilarious.

mrs. d aka the uber-milf- calling yourself the uber milf, is more than enough reason to check her out. she is absolutely funny funny funny and she accomplishes this with stories that happened in real life or things in her head and all is laced with just the right amount of swearing.

small town girl- lastly, another texas gal that is simply 'my homie'. i wont get into the whole sleepwalking bit, like i did the last time i gave her an award, but i cannot get enough of her page. i mean really, she swears, she drinks, and she's from texas. the trifecta.

the rules for this award also states that i must share 7 things about myself:

1. im obsessed with all things mundane. most times i have 7000 things swimming through my head that really have no relevance until i blog about it or somehow sprinkle it into everyday conversation. (which usually gets the weirdest looks)

2. i re-read my own blog on occasion. arrogant i know but i honestly surprise myself at times when i read things ive put down.

3. im about 90% sure that sarah silverman has taken the lead for 2nd place in my female comedian jocking. if so, she will have surpassed chelsea handler but not betty white. its actually impossible to pass betty white.

4. randomness is my friend. she calls me on the phone and we have lunch dates often.

5. i actually found this out the other morning: i apparently would chance pissing the bed because i didnt feel like getting up at the time, but when i realized the sooner i got up the sooner i could eat frosted flakes, i was already down the stairs.

6. i get annoyed easily. the other day someone left me a voicemail and left their number faster than indian food leaving the body and i got so annoyed that i couldnt get the number that i refused to even call back.

7. lastly, this should be my new profile: im married to one succulent momma and we have 3 supremo kids. i like corn dogs, star wars, toothbrushes with the grip and there isnt really much more to say of interest about me. well other than the fact that i can moonwalk and count to 10 by 5's.

thank you linda and star child. i can now get back to my regular irregularities...


Star Child said...

Thank you Sammy.

Great post.

I can relate to no.1, and I also think Sarah Silverman is wonderful.

Trivia - did you know she was in a 2 parter of Star Trek Voyager - Future's End?

She is ACE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sammy! Star Child is a doll, I do think. And you have got it right about The Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau/Evil Twin's Wife, her Friday posts NEVER disappoint.

And I re-read my blog, too. It's neat to have those memories refreshed and in your face... sometimes, LOL. Thanks again!

Salt said...

Shut the front door! An award for me!? Thank you so is beautiful. You are seriously awesome and I'm so happy that found your blog too! Us tattooed horror fans need to stick together. :)

I shall display this proudly and also check out all these fabulous blogs that you have listed!

bananas. said...

HA!!! first of all, your comment about assface mcgee cracked my shit up! thank you THANK YOU (all caps so you know i mean it) for being on my side ;)

second, OMG you gave me an award and said like the nicest things about me. awwww you're my friend k? no ifs, ands or buts about it.

oh and i read my own blog 2 or 3x a day. i'm obsessive like that and critique my own work. can't help it. it's the perfectionist in me.

and lastly, randomness isn't only my friend, she's my best friend. we hold hands, have sleepovers and pillow fight in the nude. wait...did i just say that out loud? haha.

Glamazon said...

Thank you thank you! Totally made my night.

A rabbit with ED? Totally classic. I'm using that one sometime.

I love Linda! She is so stinking hilarious, and I'm always kind of starstruck when she comments on my blog.

Love your list-I will have to go and check out the ones I'm not already following.

Sarah Silverman? I love her. LOVE HER. Did you know Chelsea Handler is bringing her stand-up show to UT in August? I totally thought of you and your crush :)

Seriously-your wife is model-hot. The inner lesbian in me is saying you are a lucky, lucky man :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Congrats on the awards and thanks for thinking of me! I heart your blog and I don't know how I missed the previous post - the tats are awesome! I'm waiting for the Evil Twin to design my fourth (and probably last) one.

Alix said...

OMG! For reals???

I am almost speechless {it's the "almost" part that drives my hubby insane, dontchaknow}! Thank you so much for this honor - but more specifically for even admitting you know me. Casa Hice blushes. We bow to you. We weep.

Congratulations to YOU Sammy for collecting two awards and not even being around to know. That's a champion blogger if I ever saw one. I, myself, have of late been in the same category. Hey... it's much too sunshiny and warm to be inside on a laptop, so I guess we all forgive each other, right?

And now for the bad news... I will swipe the button and add it to my impressive and growing little slideshow of awards, but chances are I won't follow any of the other rules. I am too important. I'm all about the glory and none of the responsibility.

I also laughed out loud at your Lance Armstrong and Frosted Flakes lines. You are a bona fide {that's what she said} genius. And a hoot. Both equal in their awesomeness.

Thanks again for the award. You certainly have discriminating and excellent taste.

The Catons said...

awwwe...thanks Bud!!! I needed alittle "sunshine" in my day today!!!

Small Town Girl said...

"dyslexic turtle reading war & peace" = AWESOMENESS.

You know how much I love Friday's and to get an award too! The only thing that could complete my happiness would be a gin and tonic with my cheetos and nutri-grain bar late breakfast. Thanks homie! You rock!

Linda Medrano said...

Sammy Thank You SO MUCH for the award. I too love awards. They make me outrageously happy all day! I do tend to get confused with all the directions because either I resent authority, or my brain just won't compute them the way it should. So I tend to sort of make it up as I go along. It works for me! I hope you do write a screenplay because you are so damned talented and creative! Now, all you have to do is START doing it! I will brag to everyone that the fantastic screenplay writer is my bud! And you know I love to show off!

Terry said...

Sammy Sammy A clown?? You made my day!!! Well, getting my Internet back made it first, but you made it second! I love these awards!!! Thank you!!!!

Kat said...

I paid you some love on my site :) Thanks again!

Lizzi said...

Thanks for thinking I'm sunshiney!

Anonymous said...

alliteration IS awesome!

thanks for passing along the blog love. i do appreciate it.

and ps--i'm not entirely a grammar nazi, but the simple use of 'there', 'their', and 'they're' and the like are required. i kid.

sort of.

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