Thursday, February 4, 2010

reminiscent chats

the other night my brother and i were up late chit chatting. he was in town with his lovely wife and child to be. i was eating leftover chinese food and he had a(some) beer(s). we were sitting in the kitchen talking and grubbing. to clarify, we were in the kitchen sitting on floor. the cold, uncomfortable, tile-y floor. whenever we get the chance to shit the shoot as we were, we end up talking about our old neighborhood and the cast of characters that lived there. these other brothers up the street would challenge my brother and me in basketball and they always got their butts handed to them! we actually knew a kid up the street named 'bent'. another kids mom had eternal camel toe. we didnt call it that because we hadnt been introduced to the term, but we did see her constantly picking at her crotch and wondered what the hell was up with that. we talked about all the backyards or streets we played football, baseball, smear the queer, or even a game that was basically kickball with a baseball bat. the summers were especially fun as hell for me and my brother though. when our folks went to work we would sleep in, eat whatever and whenever we wanted, and play hogans alley on nintendo. i would often mix cake batter as if i was going to make a cake, but just eat the batter over a period of about 3 days or until i needed to barf. those crinkly fries were also a favorite. i think its because it would make me wonder just what is a 'crinkly'? for whatever reason it sounded like some random town in west virginia or oklahoma, but i digress. we also used to play this quasi baseball game in the living room where the bat was one our couch cushions and the ball was a sock wound tightly. our living room wasnt big at all, but we managed to play the game despite the close quarters. that even included running the bases.

when we werent playing cramped up baseball or getting high on cake batter, we were watching the idiot box. does anyone remember the jukebox network? we watched that channel ALL DAY and would see the same videos over and over. that channel and the price is right pretty much ruled our mornings. thats basically the reason i like metallicas song 'one' to this day. i swear that video would play damn near every 15 minutes. it was like a routine of sorts. eat the cake batter, watch metallica's video, barf from the cake batter, watch bob barker seduce the show girls then repeat. i would go to bed excited because i knew i was going to wake up and watch the show girls... i mean the price is right. i used to love that show! as a young lad and not yet grasping the concept of money, i would watch the show and see these people winning an amount like $6500 and think 'wow, these people are rich now! wow, thanks to plinko, these people are set for life!'. yeah not so much. either way that show was great. i actually saw it the other day and it was kinda cool and kinda classic, but just not the same. for starters, its like all the show girls were 'too hot'. i know that may sound off some, but im just used to the barker beauties. you know what i mean, they were hot but not in the way the girls are now. the girls now look like they come directly from a maxim photoshoot each morning, while the barker babes were like your moms hot co-worker or your 3rd grade english teacher. im not at all saying the maxim like thing is bad, but just not for the price is right. and what about drew carey?? how un-funny is that guy?! he absolutely is not right for that show. there is no way i can see him in 20 years still doing that show. he just looks awkward to me. you know those people that dont make a solitary sound when they sneeze and that hilarious face they make? well he looks like he's just about to make that face whenever he talks. one simply cannot make that face and introduce the game with that yodeling guy........

for the record that yodeling guy game was absolutely annoying!


Riley Kai said...

The Price Is Right reminds me of college. Rex and I would watch it in the training room every morning! (while Rex ate Burger King breakfast to solidify his status as a lineman). I stopped watching when they got rid of Bob! I agree, just not the same!

ellen abbott said...

When my sister and brother and I (and sometimes a friend who was staying over) were kids and our parents went out for the evening, we would play a game we called 'scarem boo'. It was basically hide and seek in the dark, the object being to scare the pee out of whoever was 'it' by jumping out at them from your hiding place before they saw you. this game was played in pitch dark as our house was on the edge of the city in a neighborhood where there were no street lights and surrounded by lots of trees.

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