Friday, February 26, 2010

excuse me ma'am, but you have the swine flu on your chest

okay i like bacon just as much as the next guy. well provided this 'next guy' isnt kevin federline.(have you seen that guy lately?)
i like bacon. i do not love bacon. the makers of these products i guess not only love bacon, but apparently want to buy it lingerie and dry hump it.

from what i can tell, these are all actual products. (im still holding out hope that the bra was just some bacon fiend being foolishly erotic and that it wasnt an actual product.)

how does a man or woman even approach their significant other about using this product? you'd probably be better off asking to bring a third person into your bedroom than getting your lover to slather their privates in bacon grease.

can you imagine the hangover you'd get after getting faded on this crap. i believe the bottle also comes with a thorough ass kicking.

nothing attracts girls more than having 'cracker barrel' breath.

haha this is just hilarious

wow. im either speechless or the vomit is working its way up my esophagus!...again


Alix said...

About the edible bra, I have only one thing to say:


But the bacon gumballs were the grossest.

bananas. said...

okay that bacon bra is just foul! blehhhh!!!

i have a friend obsessed with all things bacon. i'm going to send her this post. she might just gizz in her pants.

The Catons said...

bacon lube...really??? I did just vomit in my mouth alittle. But two thumbs up for that marketing/product team for thinking outside the box (pun def intended ) :-)

Choleesa said...

That last picture is freakin awesome~~~

dlem59 said...

the last thing i want to think about when lubing up is bacon. thats a memory i dont need...

Diana said...

Chuck Norris probably brushes his teeth with Bakon.

Sheliza said...

um, wow, what the hell?? I think I have officially seen it all!!!

Glamazon said...

Seriously. Back in my youth, I was always pissed my parents would make bacon right before a date. EVERY TIME. I HATED smelling like bacon.

Love food. Don't want to be tasting bacon during non-meal times.

Now chocolate, that's another matter entirely.

PS-You are freaking hilarious!

Lizzi said...

who are the freaks who come up with this stuff? and that bacon

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