Wednesday, February 10, 2010

randomness on my desktop

on my desktop i have tons of crud all over the place. some of it actually has a purpose, and some of it has no point but to take up space and make me or wife say 'hey?? what the hell?'.

anyway, here are five things on my desktop that need to be placed in the trash immediately.

remember recently when facebook did that thing where all the facebookians had to post a pic of a celebrity they look alike? did you participate as well?

i didnt. not that im a party pooper, i just dont have a facebook and dont want one. anyway, this is who my wife posted as her look alike. i can see why people would say it looks like her (green eyes,light skin, the hair etc) but i dont see it as much as everyone else. not that miss lewis is unfortunate looking or anything, i just dont see it like everyone else does. whaddya think?

i love my blackberry. i really like the instant messaging capabilities and i have fun with the profile pic and quote they allow you to show all your contacts. at the moment my wife uses this as her profile pic on the blackberry messenger and as soon as i saw it i was like, 'damn thats a sweet pic! who is that?'i didnt even recognize it as heidi klum. even now that i know who it is, i still cant see it. anyway, wow i love this shot

my wife has heidi klum for her profile pic and i have this guy. fitting i know. the quote i had before this picture read: 'my only fear is i have none'

my quote, along with this picture, now reads: 'my only fear is this hairstyle'

a few years ago, my wife and i went to a halloween party and this is what we decided to show up as.......young and old michael jackson. i couldnt locate the red zippered jacket so i had to improvise a bit.

i dont care who you are, this is hilarious!

i have no clue why this is up here. my wife likes all these silly type of shirts, as do i, but i dont think she actually owns the thing. either way, i may leave this up here just because its funny as hell. i mean whats up the crazy eyes??


Sheliza said...

haha!! Such madness! you guys seem to have a lot of fun that's for sure. I think your wife is way hotter than her celebrity look-alike for sure :) I could not find anyone I looked like so I went as myself. Boring I know. Since you don't have a facebook account I would say good for you! The thing is too addicting and I spend more time on it than I should.

Tiffany said...

my husband doesn't have a fb page either--he really has no interest.

heidi klum looks totally different in that picture--i thought it was sienna miller.

new follower, btw!

bananas. said...

daaaammmnnn your wife is HOT! way prettier than the lewis chick though i do see the resemblence.

i love that heidi klum pic too. i still can't see her in it. for the longest timei thought it was britney spears.

your MJ halloween costumes are a HOOT! hilarious!

Alix said...

Oh dear god... three things...

To have a face so lovely your look-alike is Heidi Klum? Even if she is making an awkward scowl and flipping the bird {I like it}. And to do a Halloween Party as the Ghosts of Michael? Too brilliant.

But mostly, I just think you two are too beautiful for your own damn goods. Too freaking beautiful. Cut it out already.

Alix said...

Oh yeah - PS: Facebook sucks. HATE it.

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