Saturday, December 5, 2009

not embarrassing at all...

the other day my computer crashed. we lost all our stinkin music, our stinkin photos, and every stankity stank thing we had on our compooper. and yes, it was a damn mac!

anyway, we ended up waiting a long as we could without a 'main computer' in the house hoping we could find someone who thought we could salvage the old one, but even then our laptop was on its last legs. at least my son isnt putting loose change in all the slots like its an expensive portable video game or something. anyway, we ended up getting a new computer the other day and my kids attacked it soon there after. my wife and i love the photobooth feature on it, basically because there are all kinds of crazy things you can do and apparently one of those crazy things is make a homemade not that kind ya perv, the kind where kiddos play like their teenie bopper singers like demi lovato, miley cyrus, or members of some bubblegum band like the jonas brothers, none of which look alike mind you or the black eyed peas...wait black eyed peas?!...yup. my kids decided to make a 'video' of the song 'imma be' and they didnt even use the radio version the little boogers! sheesh

these are each of my kids to the T!!!!!

..also my kids absolutely dismantled and destroyed our room!! the box from the computer is still sitting right there with all that styrofoam crap dusted across our floor! i swear leave em alone for a couple days and look what happens!!!!

ahem, thats a joke.......



diana said...

Imma be thinkin' you got hands full.

And Jr. has some moves! : )

Melissa said...

How dare you blame a messy room on your kids!!! We all know that was you!

My favorite lil sammy part(s): "I'm doing this part right here."

Kiera and Jadyn have the sassy moves down! :)

Bee said...

Well choreographed. Excellent production quality. Amazing!

Shoulda hit me on the crashed computer. I probably could have got it all back for you. That's what I do.

B Hicks

amy (metz) walker said...

Hilarious! I miss them!

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