Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i was at the grocery store the other day and while i was passing the aisle/area where the bologna, bacon, and other crap 'foods' reside and i couldnt help but wonder...does anyone even eat bologna any more? i personally find it to be absolute filth and the mystery 'meats' slimy texture alone is enough make one vomit. i seriously dry heave just by typing it. bologna? even the name sounds ridiculously foul. bologna?? what the hell is it made of?...anyway, yuck.

also lurking in the area is another rather odd food...hot dogs. now im not either for them nor against them, in regards to attempting to digest one. having said that, i am completely against trying to eat gobs of them at a time. im talking about these hot dog eating contests people always partake in. so when i got home i googled hot dog eating contests and this link is actually from last year but the horridness remains the same.

it just seems to me that with all the starving people in the world, a face stuffing competition wouldnt/couldnt take place. right? i wonder if the one driving the food to the competition passed any homeless people and thought about how insane this is.

i dont know, just sayin...


Lora said...

aren't hotdogs and bologna the same thing, just different sized, -er- tubes?

dlem said...

don't act like you didn't grow up on a fried bologna sandwich or two! thro, thro some cheese on that bit#*!!

sammy said...

exactly my point...mystery meat! you ever why you can never get a straight answer on what the hell is in it?!

yeah i had a few growing up, although never fried, but now that i get to decide, i'll pass on the pseudo food.

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