Friday, July 3, 2009

i hate 90% of email forwards buuuuut...

this one is one is probably the funniest one ive seen in a long time! it was actually sent to me at least 4 years ago but ive kept it over the years because it cracks me up to no end!!!

ive heard that this is from a dutch comedy show or something, but its still hilarious! its not even in english but trust me you dont even have to know what he's saying to laugh hysterically! the couple is on this talk show to speak about a tragic hospital stay. i dont mean tragic in that anyone lost their life, no nothing that miniscule. this man and his wife are talking about a procedure where his, ahem, testicles were removed on accident. folks im laughing as i type...its only a minute and a half long and i just posted the link because i havent the slightest as to how to post youtube videos.


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Kembree said...

Hey email response to your comment about Donte' on my blog.

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