Thursday, June 11, 2009


i seriously thought this was a joke when i first heard it.

i dont know how or what would possess someone to actually take the time to even try and see if this would even taste okay. i mean at what point of ones day are they actually even around vodka and bacon at the same time? okay okay well maybe on a cheeseburger or something while at a bar but the question remains, who would ever think to combine the two?? i think there are just somethings that OUGHT NOT be allowed to be mixed in some irrational, obscure contraption and bacon is absolutely on this list!...gross

i find it pretty funny that the bottle has it listed as a 'premium bacon flavored vodka'...riiiiight. i think they should have went with a 'preposterous bacon flavored vodka.' i know the saying 'dont knock it til you try it' but that crap simply cannot be applied to everything!

if i ever find the following on a restaurant menu, i promise i will politely gather my stuff, and head for the nearest exit. what would you do if you found these items on a menu:

salsa flavored milkshake

omlette flavored wine

vanilla ice cream with bell peppers

ham cheesecake

...and of course bacon flavored vodka

i feel sick to my stomach talking about it so i'll stop there.


Lora said...

I'm kinda wondering how it would taste in a bloody mary.

Not wondering enough to try it, but just interested.

Ben Byrne said...

Dude, where do you find this crazy stuff?? This sound worse than baconnaise.

Glad to hear you made it to minicamp.

sammy said...

i actually had my first bloody mary when i was in vegas last. it was okay, but kinda spicy and i cant even imagine how it would taste with bacon flavoring.

im wondering how it would taste in egg nog would be kinda like the new 'breakfast of champions'...

i stay up late, im random, so i typically stumble across alot of random stuff...thanks man

Kembree said...

All of those sound really gross! EWWW...I did have some yummy blueberry vodka last night :) Any fruit and vodka works!

Brien said...

I'm sure many will disagree but I think pineapples on pizza is absolutley horrible. Pizza=good. Pineapples=good. Pizza+Pineapples...not so much

Brien said...

I just thought of something that would be pretty bad...nacho cheese flavored toothpaste. I know its kinda out there, but what would you expect from Sammy's lil bro ;-)

sammy said...

hmmm good call with pineapple pizza. thats a terrible mix in my opinion.

as for the nacho cheese toothpaste...uhhhh...well...dunno...i guess now i know how people feel when they read half the crap i type out!

amy (metz) walker said...

On a better note, they've come out with sweet tea flavored vodka. I'll just wager that is a LOT better than bacon flavored vodka!

Anonymous said...

did you catch the bacon flavored vodka commentary on the Tonight Show with Conan? He pretty much clowned the whole idea. what do you think about olive oil flavored ice cream? it actually exists and Diane Sawyer on GMA is a huge fan. She says she sprinkles a little salt on it and it tastes yummy!

dlem said...

anyone who is willing to taste this crap probably has a closet crush on your boy adam lambert! seriously? id rather have crap flavored breath mints!

sammy said...

hmmm, im kinda unsure about the sweet tea vodka. its not repulsive like the bacon is, but i'd be more inclined to try that as it doesnt belong to the pork family!

i love conan but didnt catch that episode. again im not repulsed by the thought of olive oil flavored ice cream, but i did dry heave once or twice ; ) i dont think i would try that...w/ or w/o the salt.

crap flavored breath mints huh? speechless

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