Tuesday, April 8, 2008

not a post necessarily

just playing with camera here...
i like taking pics as well. my poor kids, every time they turn around there goes their dad aiming the lens at them! i do shoot adults as well! ive entered one contest to date with another happening in the next few months. my wife, unfortunately for her, will be my first subject older than 8 who's pics i will enter! other than myself that is 

typically when shooting outdoor type stuff, i dont really go for the scenic lakeside pics with the sun nestling in the background. im more likely to focus on the rundown stone bench sitting by the lakeside with the sun nestling in the background.

ah well, thats just me. 


Amy Metz Walker said...

I love the last shot, especially! And love the pics you put of Leslie and the kids...

PG said...

i got to get me a nice camera. I love shooting too. Still learing, love digital, trial and error without having to worry about burning film.

I started a photo-a-day Project 365 back in Feb and man is it fun!

I shoot with a nice point and shoot, but every time I see somebody with a nice DSLR I start drooling.

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