Monday, April 21, 2008

never ever forever never

i was at the airport the other day in hot-lanta and got a chuckle. i was ear hustlin' two ladies conversation and during their interaction i heard one of them refer to a third party by name. now i dont know the exact details of their convo, but i do know that absolutely nobody should have the name of this absent third party! it was so crazy sounding that i cant even share it with you! i honestly hope it was nickname or some other silly name they had for them! i was like two seconds from being like, 'excuse me miss, i dont mean to intrude, but was that an actual name you just mentioned or simply your rendering of the phonetics of some ancient hieroglyphic?'

i didnt get the chuckle from the third parties name per se, but from where i mentally went from there. in high school i actually knew someone who's name was the combination of arm&hammer baking soda and kleenex. his name was armenex. his mom said while she was pregnant and thinking of names, she saw the boxes of these two products while sitting in her recliner and well, thats what she came up with. (ftr, it is still a mystery to me as to how, or why, she had baking soda in her living room buuuut okay i guess.) at any rate, i ended up coming up with the top 10 names based on products/foods that parents have no business naming their child with, but in this day of infatuation with the obscene it wouldnt surprise me to see a few of them. so here goes in no particular order:

and of course...parmesan

also, for those not in the know, the term ear hustlin' simply means to eavesdrop or, better stated, to listen intensely to someone else' convo that you either know or dont most likely while you should be paying attention to your own shizz ; )


Amy Metz Walker said...

I heard a story once about a woman who saw a name and thought that it was a beautiful looking she named her daughter...Diarhea.

sammy said...

there should be a law against that kind of stuff. wrong. just wrong!

Dawn said...

You are so funny Sammy.

Hey, Ryan's flying home this weekend - you gonna be around or will you be up in B-town?

sammy said...

hehe, i try. although moronic probably fits better! ; )

as a matter of fact, i will be home. we're off this week!

Brien said...

What it do big bro. Not really an odd combination, but i work with a guy named 'Arthur'. I just think that is an ugly a$$ name and there is no reason to do that to your child. Or what about when people take a common name and spell it different just to be cute. Who the hell takes a common a$$ name like 'Brian' and spells it 'Brien'. What is that?;-) Thanks alot mom and dad for making me have to explain to everyone that 'yes that is the correct spelling of my name' for the last 30 f'in years!! Love ya ;-)

sammy said...

uhh okay...

i feel ya on the 'cute' spelling though. ie ashleigh, loryn, brien, etc. hehe

Brien said...

Or what about when people use the same name for like four generations. What are you...british royalty?? How 'bout a little creativity... ha ha ha;-)

sammy said...

well you can talk to grandma and mom about that one as well jerk! besides, im still your big brother and will whoop your ass in public if i have to!

Amy Metz Walker said...

Alright, boys, settle down now!

sammy said...

he started it! ; )

thats exactly why i used to take his skittles when we were younger!

AUwalk25 said...

I don't why people name their kids crazy ass names that have other meanings that other people immediately associate them with! Trying growing up with the name "Dusty." I'm just glad that I was always such a big guy that noone ever messed with me.

And by the way the next time you are in ATL and do not let your 5'6" big-headed boy know...there might be another "ass whooping" going on.
Peace (thats another good name idea) Peace Walker...Amy make a note!

sammy said...

i was at the airport mr 5'6" big headed guy! i doubt there is a place to meet. but if i ever get stuck there, which unfortunately is very possible these days, i will give you a holler...maybe. it depends if my boy keebler or my girl ambien is free ; )

The Bradford Blog said...

In Alabama I met two brothers named Hennessy and Courvoisier. I used to think those were the most ridiculous kids names.... until I met He'ruby and She'diamond. Sad, but true.

sammy said...

for the sake of the kids and any chance working outside the strip club or somewhere on MLK blvd i hope you're kidding.

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