Monday, April 28, 2008

absolutely no point at all...(but thats not surprising to most because i rarely have a point and this is no exception...just silliness)

there are three kids in my house (not including me the wife would say). but suffice to say there are three children under the age of 8 where we reside. when we had our first child, kiera, i didnt know what to expect. we were in college and trying to manage school, football, and a family was a tad terrifying! ive learned so much about my wife, myself, and of course our children, from that point to now. its really quite beautiful...

but the beautifulness factor is not really my point. i'll save that for one of their birthdays when im trying to write something sentimental in a card or something. one thing in particular that stands out to me about children/life in general is that there are only two age groups where it is deemed acceptable to fart in public, the really young or the really old! what ive noticed about the really young is that it is often funny or cute when they 'break wind' as my grandfather used to say.

so as it stands, our society only accepts the natural passing of gas from children or the elderly. anyone else is an ill mannered, uncouth, or uncivilzed pig. well at least thats a partial list of what the salesclerk at nordstroms called me.


Amy Metz Walker said...

SHUT UP, you did not fart in Nordstroms!!! Really, did you?

Let's just say that the two ages, very young and very old, have the excuse that they either don't know better or can't control it. I'm thinking all others should at least know something's going on and take it somewhere more appropriate!

sammy said...

lol! but i thought about it!

(seriously you should know by now that half the crap i say/type is of no relevance and is mostly fictional laced with an ounce of truth.)

Anonymous said...

at least people can tell when you're in Boston. You come up with the weirdest things while traveling :)

and it's me Leslie "the anonymous one"

sammy said...

as if to say i dont come up with weird things at home!

Amy Metz Walker said...

Leslie's "its me...the anonymous one" cracked me up! But I have to agree with her...too much time alone and look what happens! :-)

P.S. Tell her to click on the "name" option and she doesn't have to be "anonymous" anymore. ha!

sammy said...

blah blah blah to pair of yall!

and i believe you just told her yourself :p

The Bradford Blog said...

I fart in Nordstroms. Doesn't everyone? :)

(Amy's friend Diana)

sammy said...


what i find pretty funny is that i was completely expecting the comment to be from the guy in the pic! too funny!

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