Saturday, March 29, 2008


what type of thoughts does this pic elicit? im sure the responses vary from some guy dwarfing some girl (for those not in the know) to 'a cool pic, but kinda odd looking.' im somewhere in the middle in that lebron does dwarf gisele and the pic is pretty cool, but she looks awkward in the pic for some reason. i think its because she looks somewhat 'too computer generated', but i digress. 

cyberspace is now inundated with opinions on the matter, apparently, for some, this photo elicits thoughts of a primate's and barbies rather than top models and athletes. all of which i find rather ironic and amusing due to the fact that the bottom of the damn magazine states this! as for his expression, i mean, you ever been to a game, seen one on tv, or even glanced at a basketball card? im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the photographer was trying to capture the emotion of him in his element and likewise, portray her in her own. that would explain him wearing athletic gear and basketball shoes as opposed to a suit and wing-tips or some other GQ worthy gear. this would also add fodder to the discussion as for her adornment of a silky sexy dress, big smile, and flowing yet scrambled hair. i think i may be on to something here. again just spit-balling, but this also answers why a basketball would be included on, of all things, a vogue magazine cover!

anyhow, hopefully my attempt at sarcasm was noted, and as for all those who see this as a racist depiction, you, plainly stated, suck. excuse my candor, but one has to seek extremely hard to come up w/ this type of sordid attitude. a premeditated approach if you will. one would have to almost always see the black/white interaction of male and female as something to bitch about. i mean how would the outlook change if she was a black woman? does he all of a sudden stop looking like a gorilla because the skin color of the model is changed? wow, im reeling right now at the thought of how someone would answer that question. any takers? he either looks like a monkey or he doesn't. her skin color is irrelevant. people saw the pic as an interracial one and then started to come up w/ lame and shallow comments as opposed to seeing the picture and simply not liking it for its artistic value. for me to see it otherwise, the following would HAVE to be included: the empire state building for starters, a hairy lebron, a less attractive female, a banana or two, a couple helicopters circling the area...possibly firing at him, or maybe even jack black.

rant over


Melissa said...

Funny thing is, I saw this at the grocery store and didn't even give Lebron a second look. I was like, "Who is that girl? What?! Gisele? You have got to be kidding me! What the F did they do to Gisele?!"

The art director on this one shoulda been shot for passing off such a crummy dubbed photo as "good." Maybe he/she is the real gorilla in this whole scenario...or maybe just a Neanderthal.

Amy Metz Walker said...

This is great: "For me to see it otherwise, the following would HAVE to be included: the empire state building for starters, a hairy lebron, a less attractive female, a banana or two, a couple helicopters circling the area..."

And don't forget to mention that Gisele doesn't look distressed at all...well, other than the fact the veins in her neck are about to blow b/c she's positioned so awkwardly.

Or maybe due to the fact that she only apparently has one leg to stand on?

Dawn said...

A couple of comments...

I don't subscribe to Vogue but I picked up this issue in the airport the other day. Lebron - I like him. Gisele - I like her too. "Nice cover," I thought. And it's the body issue! In my 7-months-pregnant glory, yes, it's the body issue I want to read.

I wasn't aware of any controversy until you texted me. Not once did I look at that cover and see anything black or white about it. I agree with you wholeheartedly - one has to be viewing life through black & white lenses in order to see anything racial in that picture. I agree - any thoughts that there are racial connotations here are just ludicrous.

Artistically, the cover isn't great. Lebron clearly outshines my Bundchen - hard to do in my opinion, but she's an afterthought here. I was disappointed when I opened up the mag and read that famed photographer Annie Liebowitz actually took the shot. Seeing some of her other shots in the mag makes you wonder why the artistic folks chose THIS one for the cover. Hm. Not sure.

Anyway, no black/white issue as far as I'm concerned. And for those close-minded folks who think there is, they need to get a life...

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