Friday, October 23, 2009

10 things you'll never hear

so quite some time has passed since my last post. dont say i didnt warn you though. as ive stated before, this time of year is really hectic and just getting a chance to sit down and type is near impossible.

anyway, i do have the desire to write/post, just not always the mental capability, or as i mentioned, the time. typically what i end up doing is making notes on random sheets of paper or on my phone and try to remember to expand the thought when my son isnt draped around my leg...(or my wife for that matter wink wink). after ive pried them off, i sit down and type the nonsense you are about to read. so until next month (hopefully not), please take your time, read and savor the morsels im sharing. its a ridiculous list of 10 things you will never ever never ever never ever hear. having stated that, here's the first...

1) 'damn. im eating ramen noodles, could you pass the salt?'

2) 'boy, mikeys mom sure does make a mean rootabaga soup'

3) 'damn. im eating ramen noodles."

4) 'brad! get the kids ready and i'll start the car. be sure to grab the list of things we need from wal mart' -- angelina jolie

5) 'sir where do you keep the rootabaga's?'

6) 'hey lets visit wyoming!'

7) 'man, my cat is soooo active!'

8) 'damn my feet smell awesome!' --any fly

9) 'they make a 50 dollar bill?!...really?!' --oprah winfrey

10) 'president george bush is in the building!' -- the future

posters note: not quite sure why im picking on rootabaga's. actually, not quite sure why im even thinkng about them, but come on!...has anyone ever actually seen a rootabaga?

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